Problem with XP 2200+ & A7V333 - Please help!

My first jump from the Intel world to the AMD world has been a bit rocky....

I did a MB swap last night from an old P3 system to a new XP 2200+ with an ASUS A7V333 with Mushkin PC2700 RAM and a Volcano 7+ HS/Fan.

My first disaster is still a bit unexplainable:

After using lots of compressed air to blow out dust from my old power supply (Sparkle 300watt ATX), I hooked everything up, plugged the system into the wall, and heard a "POP" from the power supply that sent a CHILL up my spine!!

Praying that I had only blown the power supply, I found a 250w ATX no-name PS that I had lying around. Being that it is only 250w, I "only" hooked up my GeForce4 Ti4600 and my two drive arrays on my Promise PCI RAID card (a total of 4 hard-drives). Thank God... the system booted just fine....

So... while I was up and running, I decided to run the 3dMark SE 2002 benchmark to see what my new system could do.

However... just into the third benchmark, the system suddenly shut itself off. My first thought was that the thermal overload protection diode built into the ASUS A7V333 had kicked in because I was running the Volcano cooler on low fan speed (med and high are WAAAAYYYY loud). However, even after 5 minutes... nothing.

So I unplugged the power supply from the wall figuring that maybe it needed to reset. I plugged it back in, pressed power on, and the cooler fan spun for about 1/4 of a second and then stopped.

That was last night and I still have the same problem.

Any ideas? Could this be thermally related and I just have to do something to reset the CPU protection on the MB (something this is not explained in the manual at ALL!!)? I even tried booting up with only the GF4 card installed thinking that maybe the 250watt PS just couldn't handle the drive arrays.... but still the same problem.


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  1. If the 5VSB supply can only handle < 750mA you may have blown it. Most Asus board need at least 1.5A. You will probably have to replace the supply with a new/known good one with the above requirements. Check with Asus and see what they have to say.

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  2. electrical circuits particulary computers will not tolerate having large amounts of air blown off them, the dust gets lodged into places it shouldn't then.

    I blew up a Pentium Classic 100Mhz and it's network card by blowing dust around the case when i opened it.

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