problem with ram, mobo or something else??

I have just put together a basic system using the following piece of hardware,
EpOX 8K3a
AMD xp1800+
Maxtor 60 Gb Hd,
Nvida Ge Force 4 MX440 64m Graphics Card
256 meg 2700 DDR ram
Liton DVD rom

Booted and set up bios all is ok. Tried installing xp, goes thru and at setting up windows, it blue screens on me something about PAGE FAULT NON PAGE FAULT ERROR.

check all device drivers etc etc.

I thought I'd try installing win98. went thru ok until "initializing driver setup" and it blue screeened on my giving me fatal exception errors. I have used my old pci graphics card and my old 2gb drive and old cdrom but have not been able to install windows. I have disables most ports and the on-board sound card still no avail.

Any ideas anyone please?
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  1. Go through all your cables and hardware and make sure they are mounted tightly. This is especially true of your memory modules. Since you are having install problems it would be a good idea to remove all cards but your video and do another clean install of XP (delete & add partition, full format, copy XP files). Then install your drivers and cards one at a time beginning with your sound card. Make sure you are using dedicated slots (no other resources sharing IRQ with the card). You may also have incompatible hardware for XP. As for not being able to reinstall 98, you may have corrupted drivers after installing XP. Use safe mode to check what drivers are still in device manager and remove the extras.

    en Xristos
  2. Why dont you just write the stop error down from XP and then goto;rid;kbinfo

    It will tell you exactally what the stop error is, how it happened and how to fix it.

    Easier than playing guessing games

    My 2 cents

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