Video card settings v.s in game settings

I'll use BF2 as an example for the question....

If I set my global sli card settings to aa 2xQ is that what the game will render when aa is off in the game settings? . If I put aa to 4x in the game and 2xQ on the hardware will it combine the two settings or does one always overide the other?.

If BF2 has no AF setting does forcing it in the global Sli settings have any effect at all ? or would it maybe only create a negative reaction?


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  1. When you force things driver side nine times out of ten the feature will override the games own setting, the other one time the game will crash or glitch. All games can use Antistrophic Filtering and Anti Aliasing since they are both features that work independently and are not built into the game.

    One thing to note, if you use the drivers own settings rather than the games settings you can get a better quality effect or a performance increase. Although games are always tested with the games own setting so they normally give the most trouble free effect but not always the best.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

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