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Anybody getting a PS3 or Wii? Send us your feedback

Last response: in Video Games
November 15, 2006 7:24:21 PM

Hey all,
We thought it would be interesting to get some feedback from TG Forumz members on their experiences with PS3/Wii. That way, instead of just hot air opinions from us editors, we can post thoughts and perspectives from real gamers like yourselves.

So if any of you forum members out there are getting pre-orders or are braving the long lines at the midnight sales to get yourself a new console and would like to weigh in on them, then send us your feedback. You can post here, or on new Forumz topic, or simply e-mail me some thoughts. The address is

P.S. If anyone is in the Los Angeles area and will be waiting in line or picking up a pre-order for the PS3 or Wii and want to be on video or see your name in print, let us know.

Good luck, and God bless...

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November 16, 2006 2:03:05 AM

Wii for me, mainly due to price and novel controller. I am a PC gamer and I do not see reason to buy expensive PS3 which is not very original platform and which I will use only occasionally. Wii is complete opposite and can compliment my PC gaming due to its originality.

I also have a suggestion to add poll to this discussion, it is interesting to see the statistics.
November 17, 2006 12:23:14 AM

I can definitely agree with MxM (though my primary use for the Revolution - or Wii if you absolutely must - will probably be as something of a retro gaming backup console, assuming they get with the game & pick up a lot of important titles that are missing, which is almost all of them) but personally I won't be getting a Revolution until the 1st price drop.

Several reasons:
-I missed pre-orders (I didn't care all that much in the first place - I got my fix with the DS on launch week) anyway & I'm not gonna be around on launch day either.

-I want the black version that looks like a modem! =(

-Twilight Princess I'll miss, but I still want to play it the first time on GCN regardless. A standard type controller will remain more precise, despite being less... Well I dunno what the Revolution controller is truly like yet... Beyond that, there's nothing truly pressing that I can't wait 6-10 months to play. Everything else important is on PC.
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November 20, 2006 7:39:19 AM

PS3 thankyou, for one simple reason: Market support. Not that the Wii is any worse, or the Xbox for that matter. The PS(x) market is the largest, most lucrative way to make money on your developed titles. People had the same concerns about the PS2 when it was launched, look today, it is the dominant console, period. My gut is telling me that developers will lean towards Sony on this one, their proven track record of sales, and sales=money=revenue=profit=better games=sales....
November 20, 2006 7:19:53 PM

In all honesty, I think reality will bend away from Sony significantly this time. Microsoft is just pooring so much money into their console that they could practically just buy their way into all the 3rd party developers if they merely wanted to monopolize against Sony. You have to remember both that Sony has nothing real beyond 3rd party support & that 3rd parties are not loyal to anything but money in most cases.

As far as Nintendo... I think we'll probably end up seeing more in terms of quantity on the system than the others combined. Mass market doesn't even begin to describe the obscure forms of demand I've been seeing for this console...?_?... It's actually quite disturbing how many want to buy it.

Though of course, you'll only have a similar market (in terms of numbers) that will actually be buying games frequently, so this part shouldn't influence developers as much.

People tend to forget how quickly Sony overtook Nintendo.
November 23, 2006 9:39:11 AM

I would be getting both of them, but unfortunately I live in a place called Europe or more importantly Scotland and these consol manufacturers don’t care about us. To them I guess our money can wait and does not taste as sweet as the US or Japanese consumers, even worse is that they seem intent on take more of our foul tasting money than anyone else in the world…

Why must we wait to only be repaid with a higher sale price? :cry: 
November 25, 2006 4:22:48 AM

I played a Revolution (Wii, if you must) over Thanksgiving. Even with just Wii Sports, I must say that it's surpassed the Half-Life 2 leak's welding feature as what is officially the most pointlessly awesome feature in all of gaming.
November 26, 2006 11:48:37 PM

I've never even considered buying a console, since they don't really do anything other than my PC, but yesterday I saw a demonstration of the wii in a supermarket and I immediately fell in love with it, because of the physically active gameplay that the new controler enables.

Today my girlfriend, who never liked any kind of gaming at all, visited relatives, who have the wii. When she came home, she asked me about buying a wii. 8O

I think most old consol gamers will buy xbox or ps3, but wii opens up gaming to new people and wins over a few old ones too.
November 27, 2006 6:53:06 AM

Well PS3 must be cool. But it's not for me. I absolutely have no time for this. So that's why I have enough of my PC. :) 
December 6, 2006 7:41:06 PM

PS3 thankyou, for one simple reason: Market support. Not that the Wii is any worse, or the Xbox for that matter. The PS(x) market is the largest, most lucrative way to make money on your developed titles. People had the same concerns about the PS2 when it was launched, look today, it is the dominant console, period. My gut is telling me that developers will lean towards Sony on this one, their proven track record of sales, and sales=money=revenue=profit=better games=sales....

Well, PS2 was about 1 year earlier than GS, and did not cost twice more... Though GC had better graphics, it lost the competition.

The situation is somewhat reverse now...
December 6, 2006 7:54:02 PM

Wii for me, mainly due to price and novel controller. I am a PC gamer and I do not see reason to buy expensive PS3 which is not very original platform and which I will use only occasionally. Wii is complete opposite and can compliment my PC gaming due to its originality.

Well, I have got my Wii (lucky me, only 3 hours in line) last Sunday. And even though I had quite high expectation for it, Wii had managed to EXCEED them! I do not even remember when last time any game or or hardware exceeded my expectation. Probably Half Life 1 was the last game that did it for me...

Wii remote works so nice, so accurate, I can't believe it. It is like now TV has mouse, only it feels more natural then mouse, and on second day I already forgot that it is a new way to interact, as if I use this wiimote already for several years...

And the games is also so cool! It is so satisfying to smash the monsters with your sword in Zelda, or shoot those rabbits with plungers in Rayman - I could not believe that 35 year old man can enjoy it that much!

If they continue to supply this kind of quality games for Wii, then Wii will not "complement" my PC gaming, It is PC games that will complement my Wii gaming - Yeah! I am that much impressed!
December 8, 2006 5:40:34 PM

I am also a PC dude, and have resisted getting a console for my kids so far (they are 7, 6, and 3 presently, so this is not hard to justify). However, I must admit the Wii is very tempting, and the early reviews seem promising - the activity level involved in the motion sensing controller is especially appealing. If my kids are going to play video games, let them play ones that require a bit of activity, or at least more physical interaction than pushing a button. Since Nintendo has been the most family friendly console in recent years, I suspect it might very well have broader appeal than the Sony or MS consoles.

I think Nintendo is also the only one of the big three console makers that understands pricing points - these are at heart game machines, and there is a limit to what people will pay for such a device. Look back at the ill-fated 3DO system - world class performance at a price very few were willing to pay, and the PS3 in particular is just about to that same point now. Video gaming is far more accepted than it was 10 years ago (in large part due to the PS itself), but $600 is an awful lot to ask. IMHO, Sony would have been better off using a standard drive and providing an external HD disk option, and charging a price in line with the 360. But I digress...

Once a few more Wii games become available, I have a feeling I will be getting one - for my kids, of course :lol: 
December 25, 2006 3:45:45 AM

I like PC gaming a great deal more than consoles, which sort of rules out PS3 and XBOX 360, however I could see myself picking up a Wii when I don't have to wait in line to do so for the shear innovation and fun factor, plus there hasn't been a zelda game I haven't completed since the original.
January 7, 2007 8:11:23 AM

PS3 thankyou, for one simple reason: Market support. Not that the Wii is any worse, or the Xbox for that matter. The PS(x) market is the largest, most lucrative way to make money on your developed titles. People had the same concerns about the PS2 when it was launched, look today, it is the dominant console, period. My gut is telling me that developers will lean towards Sony on this one, their proven track record of sales, and sales=money=revenue=profit=better games=sales....

Well, PS2 was about 1 year earlier than GS, and did not cost twice more... Though GC had better graphics, it lost the competition.

The situation is somewhat reverse now...

Except everyone always seems to forget why Sony has been so dominant over the past decade in consoles. It was never the hardware, the price, etc.

It was the GAME LIBRARY.

Sony had a game out there for EVERYONE. It had every possible niche you could think of.

What I mean is this -

Xbox had Halo, PGR, Forza, Fable...maybe a few other exclusive franchises.

Gamecube failed because it was marketed to children only. Hardly any mature rated games (and only later on did they come out - i.e. Resident Evil 4). That left you with mainly Nintendo first party games, which weren't anything GREAT - nothing like on N64 - no Goldeneye, no Ocarina of Time, no Perfect Dark, no Donkey Kong 64, etc. Instead you got stuck with cell-shaded Zelda and rehashed franchises that were showing age (i.e. How many Mario Parties are there going to be :roll: )

Sony had the best of both worlds - adult games AND family games - SOCOM, Grand Theft Auto 3 (which really pushed PS2 sales back in the day), Ace Combat, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Gran Turismo, Jak and Dexter, Ratchet and Clank, Twisted Metal, Final Fantasy, Sly Cooper, Guitar Hero, etc.

As you can see, Sony clearly has the advantage when it comes to franchises. And they can come up with new ones too. I mean, when was the last time Nintendo had a new franchise? (Pokemon wasn't it? and that was like a decade ago)
January 8, 2007 12:19:32 PM

are game designers really going to spend the time with the totally abysmal PS3 sales going on? sure it's still early, but PS3's are crowding the shelves at big box stores right now after around 2 months? a week ago I tried to pick up a Wii at Best Buy on the day they received around 25 units per store. I tried two different locations 30 minutes before opening time, and both told me they had people lined up since the previous night. I thought that kind of craziness only happened on release day??

PLEASE Nintendo LET me give you my money!! I want one!! It is not just any product that has this kind of hype after Christmas.
January 8, 2007 4:07:05 PM

Gamecube failed because it was marketed to children only.

Sony had the best of both worlds - adult games AND family games

I loved hitting fanbois with this back in the day, but BMX XXX had nudity on the GC version, not the PS2 version. :lol: 

torque79, the DS is impossible to find right now too. It's already been out a year! 8O Did parents get confused? "I'd like a Wii." "We're out, but we have the DS." "What's that?" "Uh, it's a handheld system from Nintendo." "So, it's like a portable Wii? I'll take it!" :wink:
January 8, 2007 4:32:49 PM

lol nice. I love the idea of the new mario world game so much I am actually also considering buying a DS, but I would hope they would also release this game for the wii? Obviously a side-scroller is no big challenge to run on a full console, but I want the game! maybe that'll be a release for their online download system soon.
January 8, 2007 5:32:11 PM

New Mario World? Do you mean New Super Mario Bros? It's a good game, but short. I blasted through it 100% in the first week. It would have lasted longer without all the save points, but gamers are lazier today. :wink:

I doubt we'll see it on the Wii for download anytime soon just because it's a DS seller and it's doing a great job there. I'd recommend you pick it up on the DS anyway, just as soon as you can find one. I got it for a long car trip, and now three of seven family members have one. My dad even asked for one on his birthday, which is how I learned of there post-Christmas non-availability.
January 8, 2007 6:13:03 PM

I just commented last night to my wife that the average age of gamers keeps going up, and I think Nintendo is accelerating that drastically with the Wii AND the DS. Games like Brain Age, Wii sports, Super Mario Bros, etc are really changing the demographic of "gamers". What other console would you really consider inviting friends over to play (except serious gamers)? Nintendo is really redefining the genre.
January 8, 2007 6:15:18 PM

I didn't get a Wii myself, but I have played on a friend's machine, and I have to say it was a whole bundle of fun. People have bashed the cartoony graphics, but they miss the sheer FUN of the interactivity of the games. I really think Nintendo got this right, and I would be very surprised if they don't vastly surpass Sony this time around - the PS3 is a high-tech but evolutionary product, while the Wii is truly revolutionary, and has much greater appeal to a broad market. Heck, even my non-gaming wife is interested in trying the Wii, and that is an impressive feat in and of itself.
January 9, 2007 12:32:32 AM

Not only that, but a "high tech, evolutionary console" doesn't last very long against computers.

New Mario World? Do you mean New Super Mario Bros? It's a good game, but short. I blasted through it 100% in the first week. It would have lasted longer without all the save points, but gamers are lazier today. :wink:

Well, despite the save points (and really, most more recent Mario games have had that too) and the first two worlds being way too easy, I think it was definitely full scale, full quality Mario. A speed run is going to be a lot longer than most of the other Mario games.
February 15, 2007 1:01:28 AM

I just got a Wii and man is the Wii mote a blast. This has to be my new favorite console of all time. The game Wii Sports is really fun and a great party game.

Plus I can't wait for the release of the new Smash Bros. game and playing online multiplayer.
February 15, 2007 2:14:30 AM

I just played WarioWare at a party last weekend...?_?...


So fun & actually legitimately funny!
February 22, 2007 1:42:34 PM

Well, I managed to get a Wii on Monday 19 Feb. I harassed my local Best Buy calling them for a couple of weeks until they told me the shipments usually arrive on Mondays around 5pm. I went there straight after work and arrived around 4:15pm. There was a lineup, and they were giving out tickets for Wiis. They already knew 24 consoles would be coming, and I got ticket number 21. By around 4:30 the last ticket was given out. The Purolator driver was an hour and a half late, and then I was waiting for 20 consoles to sell in front of me. they had 18 extra nunchucks so I did'nt get one, but at least I got a second wiimote. I also grabbed excite truck because the wife likes racing games.

I hooked it up the next day without any difficulty, and connected it to my wireless router without security (for now) and it was online just like that, in no time. It downloaded some updates (that took a couple of minutes), then I had the news and weather channels. Very simple to hook up, configure, and get ready for internet and gaming.

Last night I invited 2 friends over and we had a blast playing the sports and a bit of racing. Unfortunately we could'nt bash eachother in boxing without a second nunchuck, but everything else was great. My wife and two friends (and myself) all got comfortable with the controls within literally a couple of minutes. Playing all the sports was very competitive and enjoyable, even on my small 27" old cheap CRT tv.

the interactivity can be as slight or as enthusiastic as you choose. your swings and controls can be slight movements or full on swings, whatever you want. I enjoy going nuts in boxing and getting a good workout for myself. I see a lot of potential for future games to give a very enjoyable workout.

In short, it's only been a couple of days but I can't get enough. It's simple, fun to use, and even has some useful info like weather and news. I have not tried any other new consoles, but have little interest. I am looking forward to downloading some classic NES and SNES titles, and am anxiously awaiting some future titles such as super smash bros.
March 12, 2007 11:49:54 PM

My wife bought us a Wii for Xmas. She almost missed my graduation to buy it too. (Military tech training not HS BTW I am 28 :lol:  )

Enjoy playing it but wish I bought Splinter Cell over Red Steel. Was online the other night and saw Kid Icarus!!!!! I can't wait to buy points and kill eggplants again.

One thing I would like to see added is have it be able to stream music too. (Say from iTunes for instance)
March 13, 2007 10:37:16 AM

agreed, I got Red Steel for my birthday and it's really lame. the slow movement and difficult aiming controls remind me of goldeneye, fps just does not work on any kind of console.

I've gotta get my hands on Warioware, that's a great time to be had with friends. I'm sure I'll also get Zelda, but I'm holding off until I'm a little more settled with WoW (I'm finally at level 69... one more to go).
March 27, 2007 4:50:59 PM

got a Wii for Christmas, with it red steel and zelda. Havn't had much time to play with it, but i loved both of the games. the controls for red steel aren't the best, with the tracking being lost so easily, but for being the first fps. it was fun, and the multiplayer is also fun, even if it is a pain to add players, unlike wii sports. zelda is just awesome, and i look forward to playing it more religiously when time permits.

next stop is wii play, tiger woods, and that new paper mario looks awesome.
March 31, 2007 1:59:51 AM

I'm a PC Gamer, got the PS3 for my Home Theater as a cheap Blu-Ray player.

I'm sure glad I didn't get it as a game console... because every game I've played on it has stunk. We have EA Sports NHL 2k7... nice graphics but gameplay is just about identical to the last EA-NHL game I bought... I think in 1997.

My 10 year old likes Genji... I found it repetitive and the graphics disappointing.

My opinion of Motostorm I posted in the Motostorm vs. Excite thread (not TOTALLY bad... but not great either), and Ridge Racer... don't get me started. I think that was the worst game I've played since Ruins of Myth Drannor.

The best full game I've played on the PS3? - Gran Tourismo 4... for the PS2. The GT-HD demo was awesome... but I hear we won't be seeing that till next year.

In the 3 months since we got the PS3 the hottest games in our house (in no particular order)
- Medieval II Total War
- Civ-IV
- Oblivion - Knights of the Nine add-on
- Need for Speed Most Wanted
- Might and Magic - Dark Messiah

I have yet to play a PS3 game that is a match for ANY of the PC titles above. I have not played Resistance yet... could be that one would actually be worth playing, might even make the list, but other than that you aren't missing much if you wait for the PS3 price to come down a hundred or two.

I played the Wii at a friends house, the sports games were a blast at a party, folks played the thing for hours. For that alone it's worth buying (when you can find one), but I wasn't impressed with the first person shooter that they had (VERY poor graphics and weak gameplay). Twilight Princess was fun, not earth shatteringly good but not bad either.

Personally, if I was seriously looking for a console... for GAMING... I'd get the 360.

As far as my purchase, I'm happy with the PS3 as a blu-ray player... the difference between dvd and blu-ray in most movies is stunning, and it cost half what stand-alone blu-ray players cost in December.
June 6, 2007 8:42:57 PM

Love my Wii, but then again I used to be a self-proclaimed Nintendo fanboy in my youth, so I can't really lavish praise on it.

The only thing I will say is about the 360; I am bored of what it has to offer. Gears, Rainbow 6, Perfect Dark 0? Upcoming Halo 3? All some of the "best" titles it has to offer. Know what I spend most of my time playing on my (brothers) 360? Football Manager 2007. Quality game, but so much better on the PC.

Of course, the 360 has many games coming out for it and the problem will soon be less previlent. But I use my PC for shooters. If I want a gaming system, I want something that differs from what the PC offers; I don't have the money for a PS3, so Wii it was.

Having said that, the only problem with the Wii is the lack of games that have come out over the last few months. We're getting a few good ones now (Mario Strikers for Europe, Super Paper Mario) but until the AAA titles come out, we're not getting anything superb.

Thankgod they all seem to be arriving this Christmas. Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Super Smash Bros. And if you believe some reports, the new Mario Kart.
June 6, 2007 9:57:54 PM

my fiancée got us a Wii

Wii sports is "the" system seller {tennis & bowling are the easily best games since golf has the putting problem}
own paper mairo, wario ware: smooth moves

Problem... have strange lines going down my screen [looks like dead pixels] {2 weeks after the warranty expired, didn't get the extended - BIG MISTAKE}
haven't really looked into it though

love watching StongBad Email on the Wii Browser.
tazer the lawn gnome 'zap'

waiting for RCR to hit the VC {not really though :wink: )

in reality it has as just as many good games as the PS3. :( 
July 9, 2007 7:50:14 PM

I got my Wii friday. I was going to wait, but a friend got one 2 weeks before and brought it down... the entire family loved it. BTW, he just got up, went to kmart, asked, and bought on a saturday morning. No waits or nothing. Friday, I got my phone book, called some local stores, and a local Gamestop had them. I got ready, went, and had my wii home in less then 30 minutes (20 minute drive) :D 

We didn't turn the thing off all weekend. We actually overheated it once!! lol. That was just wii sports. This week I rented Excite Truck, and Sonic and both are simply amazing games. I will be purchasing both.

Bottom line, the wii is great!!
July 10, 2007 3:19:43 AM

Got both a PS3 and Wii. Don't plan on getting Xbox 360 either. Anyway, I'd first like to state how I'm much more satisfied with my Wii over my PS3 and I've only owned my Wii 2 weeks compared to the PS3 I got on launch day. A funny contrast to the above person's experiences is that I saw in our sunday newspaper an ad for Best Buy with Wii in stock. I show up 1 hour early and they're still doing the ticket system. I got spot #12 out of 20. I couldn't believe it. All the hype for Wii is legitimate though. The included Wii sports alone has more replay value than R:FOM I got for PS3. I had a hard time getting used to the Wii remote in Wii Sports when I started as I felt the controls were imprecise especially in Wii tennis. But then somewhere along the line, I got the hang of it and then felt the controls much more precise. Guess practice helps. I also picked up a classic controller and some Wii points. I got SMK64 and Sonic the Hedgehog. I had such a blast playing these 2 games that I went out a week later to get more Wii points from Best Buy. I then downloaded Ocarina of Time and Link to the Past, both of which I never have played before. Not even owning a single Wii game yet "excluding the included Wii sports," my experiences with Wii have been much better than the PS3.

When I got my PS3, I frowned on the Wii and it's older technology. I figured the PS3 was the future with blu-ray. Not as much the HD movies which I do enjoy but the capacity. I figured environments could be much bigger on PS3 by around 5x the 360 as it can only handle I believe 9GB dual layer? It doesn't seem yet though that any games really do anything that couldn't be done on 360 so far though. GTA IV will run the same on 360 and in fact better with Microsoft laying down their $. Sony let another get away. Haven't even bought another PS3 game since day 1 with R:FOM. R:FOM is fun in itself but doesn't feel like anything I haven't played before. I feel more and more that consoles have reached a plateau where increased horse power isn't helping adding depth to games. Even PS2 could handle the world of GTASA and GTAIV isn't even going to be that big. Too much emphasis is on HD graphics without more unique gameplay it seems for Sony and M$.

Being mainly a PC gamer in the first place with my favorites games PC exclusive: Flight Simulator X, AOE3, and Halo 2 "free online play", consoles for me are just for multiplayer with my friends and that experience will better be filled with Wii I feel. If PS3 can't surpass my PC which I don't think it does already, then I have low hopes for PS4. I own both Oblivion on PS3 and PC and PC handles much better. Other than the benefit of the keyboard, my 8800GTS 320 runs Oblivion much better with the added choices of AA which really helps even if the PS3 outputs 720p for it. I feel Sony's image is hurting. They banked too much on the success of the PS2, "which rocked for me BTW." They force blu-ray on us too. I love the double use I get from my PS3 but still hate their tactics. PS2 was almost the same way with DVD as it was many owners' first DVD player though DVD was around before then for a while. They just keep traveling down the same road, trying to convince us that better graphics = better gameplay. To this I'll say that PS3 will be my last Sony console unless they can try something different next time around. I still like my PS3 and can't wait the arrival of GTA IV and GTA4 but even those aren't new gameplay-wise.

For me: PC > Wii > PS3
July 10, 2007 3:24:04 PM

i sold my PS2 on ebay and got a LOT more than I expected so I bought a Wii on ebay and did not mind spending about $30 more than if I bought it in the store. I found a decent auction after a week of searching.
July 12, 2007 4:52:10 PM

I purchased my Xbox 360 first, because, well, it was first :) . It is a great system for the games I buy for it - racing games and skateboarding games. The controls for the 360 are parallel to none - if you enjoy racing at least a little, you need a 360. I even d/led the Microsoft driver to my PC and use my 360 wired controller to play older (but still fun) PC racing games. I'm actually not a huge fan of Halo or some of the more "mature" games for the 360. I just really love the fun ones (the 360 version of Project 8 is waaaay more interesting and challenging than the Xbox version).

My wife got me my Wii in May for my birthday. No lines, just had to call the store before it opened on a Friday to see if they had any shipments (they had 14, we got the first one since we got there 3-5 minutes before the store opened, the rest were gone in an hour). I love the Wii. Graphics are not everything - Nintendo has clearly figured out the way to sell consoles - get out of the uber-geek zone. We regularly have lots of people over for parties at our house and things of that nature. Before the Wii, the only video game people have widely enjoyed at our house was DDR. The Wii has the same effect. It's easy to do, it's fun, and it gets people who have no idea about the finer points of a CPU engaged in the game and laughing and having a general fun time. Some games such as Paper Mario still provide that solo player adventure that I enjoy most (my wife prefers the games where 4 people are playing). And the old nintendo games are great for nostalgia.

The PS3 holds no interest for me, and I'm a pretty big PC gamer (I tend to think that that's who Sony targeted with the PS3). First of all, the price is terrible (getting better soon, but still awful). Look at this...I purchased a Wii, 1 extra nunchuck, and 3 extra controllers for $390. The PS3, after the price drop will STILL be more expensive. That's insane. And for what? The PS3 certainly doesn't have a better racing controller, so as a 360 replacement for me, it's worthless. None of the exclusive games so far are anything special. And there's no way anyone who's not super geeky will want to touch it - making it another incredibly expensive toy just for my use. No thanks!

I've been pretty disappointed with Sony in the past, but more so lately. The driving force for me to get the PS2 was FFX and DDR. I don't think FFXIII will be enough to get me to purcahse a PS3. Of course by the time FFXIII comes out, the PS3 may be $300.

In February here in Portland, the PS3's were overflowing the shelves (even 360's were harder to find...and they've been out for a year). It's July and most stores don't even have a Wii console section as they just stack the shipments they get behind the cash register because they'll sell out that day. I think the PS3 is actually the new dreamcast so far. Both the 360 and the Wii are having incredible success.

I have owned every console made since the original NES (I realize there were others before then, but that's when I got into it) - even the 3DO :-D. I currently own a PC, N64, Gamecube (which now sits in the closet due to FULL AND COMPLETE COMPATABILITY ON THE WII - thank you Nintendo), Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, and PS2. I will probably not own the PS3. Give me a reason, Sony.