HELP! Major OS Installation probs!

I'm building a new system and when I try to install Win XP the computer just turns itself off. Initially it did it right after it loads the drivers, now today I got it as fas as formatting the drive once, and the 2nd attempt got it before that at the partition choosing screen. Here's my specs:

AMD XP 1800+
Asus A7V266-c
512mb pc2100
Radeon 8500 64mb
40gb maxtor HD
Lite-On DVD and CDRW drives
Panasonic floppy
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  1. One of the first things I recommend when having XP installation issues is to remove all cards, if any, but the video, restart the computer and repartition, full format, and clean install of XP. After XP installs you can load your drivers and install your card one at a time and rebooting before installing another. Sounds like a pain but it worked for mine. The best slot to use for pci cards is slot 4 because it is not shared with motherboard resources.

    en Xristos
  2. Actually I only have a graphics card, no pci cards.....

    OK I think I may have solved the problem. I set the bios back to default settings and was able to install win xp. I found this quite odd. After running 3dmark I the results I thought were quite low, only 6500 while on my P3 800 i get 5300. So I went into the system and noticed the chip was running at 1.13GHz and not 1.53GHz. Went into the bios and changed this, then ran 3dmark again and voila! She shut herself down. There were a few bent pins when I got the chip so it may have been damaged in shipping. I'm going to test the chip out on a friends system later today though to see if it works on his.
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