Why won't LucasArts make a modern Tie Fighter game ?

Damn, Tie Fighter was soo awesome back in the day.

Why won't they come out with a new StarWars space sim? With kickass graphics, etc.

They've been releasing mostly crap lately :cry:
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  1. i hear ya man.. I would love a complilation made up from X-Wing TIE fighter and even the "newer" fighters and ships from Part 1,2 & 3. With the latest graphics and physics engines, i think it would be a sure fire sell for all those fans that played them years ago.. I know i would buy...

    and not to show how much of a StarWars Geek I am, but I think even baseing a new X-wing series based on the X-Wing Novels would be kewl too.. More storylines and all to play in..
  2. I'd love it if they re-made X-Wing alliance... with multiplayer

    a mix between X-Wing alliance /tie fighter and starfleet command would be cool too... conquering territories through fighting... acquiring points and upgrading ships
  3. Tie Fighter was a great game. Unfortunately interest in 3D space sims has taken a nose dive. Basically, you are left with either X3 - Reunion (pretty good, but I have to admit I like X2 - The Return better), and Darkstar One.

    It would be nice if Microsoft would develop Freelancer 2 with more realistic a flight mode.
  4. Check out Eve Online, it's a fantastic game. I've been playing it for weeks and I can't get enough of it.
  5. You could try the freespace open source project. I heard that there is a starwars mod for it.
  6. Quote:
    Check out Eve Online, it's a fantastic game. I've been playing it for weeks and I can't get enough of it.

    Eve's dice roll combat system can't compare to the old X-wing aiming style.

    The OP wanted another Tie Fighter game not everquest in space.
  7. Jumpgate has the best flight model and the developer announced yesterday the development of Jumpgate Evolution which looks pretty sweet and will still have the same flight engine underneath.

    It's a risky venture to make a space sim which is why there are no new x-wing games.
  8. Intrigued about your X2 vs X3 comment. I largely skipped X2 (took me so long to upgrade my rig that X3 came out a few months later), so never got very far with it (didn't even complete the plot!).

    What makes you say that you preferred it? Should I go back and give it another try? (/hopes he didn't delete his save games)
  9. Tie Fighter was great, I would love to see a sequal or at least an update made, I still play the original on occasion.
  10. There was Star Wars: Starfighter, back in 2001, available for PS2 and PC (and Xbox, but if you own an Xbox, you can go back to your movie-tie-ins and niche/pro sport games, this conversation is for true gamers) The problem with this game, and it really does just miss the mark, is that, like most dogfight flight sims, is that it gives you a simplified HUD (target, status, payload) with large (I'd say, oversized) icons and a nosecone-tip view of flying. With the... heck, I'll say it... "Golden Age" Star Wars Flight Sims you were, as with every memorable flight sim, in the cockpit, managing power levels between weapons, shields, and engines, checking the HUD indicators, bringing up the map to tactically manage your mission objectives, using the targeting computer to surgically target specific components, and all while flying by stick (or keyboard or mouse) in and out of all kinds of traffic. That's the major difference, the X-Wing/TIE Fighter games were immersed experiences. You played a fighter pilot in space. The missions tied together a story. The training felt pertinent. The covert missions felt like a subplot. But here is where it was AWESOME! If you were overwhelmed, it wasn't because there were 20 fighters and 100 mines trying to kill lonely little you, it was when you were trying to find that perfect moment to switch from full engine power to weapons to knock out a shipyard of powered down systems starting from most threatening to least, identifying cargo, and locating those damn TUGs carrying pilots to the fighters. The flight system made it a sim, the missions made it a game, the management systems made it memorable! It made each fighter feel different, each mission feel unique, and greatly increased the replayability of each title.
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