How Much Watts is enough?

Hello Tom's Community

Can someone please tell me just about how much watts i need to power the following system.

I am considering to build a:
W/ P4 2.26ghz, 533mhz FSB, 512k
W/ Asus p4t533-c mother board
W/ Kingston 128MB PC1066 RDRAM Non ECC
W/ Visiontek Xtasy GF4 Ti 4200 128MB DDR
W/ Special Edition WD Caviar 80GB (EIDE, Ultra ATA/100, 7200 RPM)
W/ Ahanix Noblesse ATX Mid Tower Case

Will a emermax 350 watts enough?
Or are all the components compatible with other components?

Thank you all so much in advance.
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  1. You are getting two 128MB sticks of memory or 2 64MB? I think they need two to work at full speed.

    Anyway I think that 350W should be enough but if your buying new anyway then it would be best to put out for a 400W or higher jsut for some headroom.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  2. 350w should be fine...i wouldnt worry if i were you...
    anyways...your setup seems good too...hope you enjoy your new system!

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  3. WoW!

    You guys are coooooo!

    Thanks so much.
  4. 350-400W is plenty. The best way to check is to go to intel's web site and see what power supplies are recommended with your particular CPU. Make sure the 5 VSB is rated at least 1.5A or you will have trouble with ACPI if you board is so equipped.

    en Xristos
  5. Dear god, do yourself a favor and upgrade to 256Mb Rdram, you will see a huge increase over 128mb. Don't forget, you have to get pairs of rdr, they work in a dual channel configuartion. Yes, an enermax 350 watts is sufficient. Looks good.

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  6. Yes, 350W for an Enermax, or 400W for an Antec/Generic (if the generic even works at the proper voltage).

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  7. if your going to build a decent computer i <b>STRONGLY</b> reccomend you get at least 256Mb of ram.

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