PS3 Launch: Elation turns to fear as PS3 buyers go home

In response to these articles...

I just have to wonder, wtf did they expect? I knew it'd happen too. Of course people get robbed and beat up. Human's are naturally selfish and insane. Only when we start studying ourselves and become HONEST about what we are (like fear addicts which drives us to be superstitious and religious) will we actually be able to live as a decent society.

These articles are just another reason why you WAIT to buy one. I mean christ, does it REALLY matter if you have a PS3 the hour it's available? Unless you're a pro gamer or have dreams of becoming a thumb-stick star, I guess I don't really see why you'd have to have one. Are you going to actually be "cooler" to your friends? Is it going to help you get laid? Probably not, and even if it did, it won't last.

So you ran out, grabbed yourself a PS3 and now you're duking it out on a 42" your trailer park. Meanwhile, your kid is cryin in her 5'X5' bedroom and you're yelling at her to shut up. There are cigarette burns in your carpet, 6 empty beer cans next to a half-full soured-milk bottle and your pregnant teenage wife is off with some other guy. I'm sorry, I forgot. You're that cool guy with the PS3...
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  1. O.o
  2. The world truly has gone completely insane. This is merely another symptom of it.

    Why? Are people so damn weak willed that they are unprepared to wait for the price to at least stabilize?

    I vote that the PS3 be declared a drug.
  3. I've never seen people sleep outside a store for a week to buy drugs :wink:
    It is really sad and lets just hope this madness will stop soon.
  4. Ahh, just wait till Halo3. 8O
  5. I just can't understand how the minds of those console idiots work.

    You don't see Baron sleep in front of a store for a new FX cpu or even 4X4!!! The intel fans didn't camp outside bestbuy for a CDQ and those pwn anything out there.

    The ps3 is only a little bit better if any over the 360 which was released a whole damn year earlier!!! There is no sense in this kind of thinking. They should've put a shrink in front of the shops!!!
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