To install chipset drivers, or not

I have an Asus P4S533 (SiS 645DX chipset) and I was having some problems with a white background behind File Menu text (instead of gray). I decided to try installing the 645DX chipset and AGP drivers from the CD. It's the first time I've actually ever used a CD that came with a motherboard.

The only difference I see is a noticeable pause during the Windows XP Pro splash screen. Everything works exactly as well as it did before. No faster no slower.

Can anyone advise either way or does it really not matter if you install chipset drivers from the CD or not?

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  1. Which OS you using?

    XP - Don't bother, unless you notice a difference (Round?)

    Other - Yes, use them. But perhaps try updated ones from SiS directly.

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  2. Yea I'd download the more current drivers for the board. Those OEM disks usually are 3 or 4 patches old!!
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