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i have some of the leadtek nforce 420 boards. they support 200 or 266 bus. now, does this mean i can set the jumper for 200 and use pc2100 with an amd xp 1800? and if i want to "upgrade", all i do is change the jumper from 200 to 266 and go with pc2700?

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  1. PC-2100 RAM is 266
    PC-2700 RAM is 333

    By using 200 and PC-2100 your underclocking.

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  2. oh i see, so the jumper should be set at 266 for 2100 and if i wanted to overclock, i could go with 2700.... when/why would someone use the 200 fsb? what ddr mem would run that slow?

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  3. The 200FSB is for Duron and some Athlon models built on a 200FSB. Other Athlons and XP's use 266 which is what you should set your mobo at otherwise your 1800+ will run at 1.15Ghz instead of 1.53Ghz and plus the slower bus will decrease preformance. Getting PC2700 isn't absolutely necessary for overclocking, as good quality PC2100 should overclock well above specs, usually to 150Mhz FSB and beyond, as DDR300 AKA PC2400 is pretty much overclocked PC2100 @ 150MHz (Remember PC2100 is actually clocked at 133, so 150 is actually like DDR300 or PC2400) Of course pushing your FSB past 145 also starts to stress out the AGP/PCI buses so I wouldn't go past that mark, and your PC2100 should be fine running at 145 "DDR290" and the processor overclock will be quite nice at 1.67GHz (comparaible to a 2000+) Just make sure you got a great CPU cooler!
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