More Oblivion Problems ( Gameplay Related) ^^

Hey again,

okay so using oldblivion ect I have got it running playable but not ive ran into a little problem

my attributes appear to be stuck, im not cursed or anything just they wont go up , its on my brothers character that I noticed it because he had been playing for ages and none of his attributes had gone up, he doesnt use fast travel

he only runs and still athletics was at a steady 0

Ive messed about with changing his char with the class selection screen 2 times and upped his attributes and lowered the unneseccary ones as he wanted to change from a sword person to a archer.

Im wondering if upping his attributes and messing with his level has broken the things so he cant level up anymore, his attributes are currently probably too high for his current level but i cant be sure..

If anyone could help at all with any suggestions I would really appreciate it, Im stumped and cant understand why its happening, thanks in advance

- liam
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  1. If you change the stats , any stats, with console commands they will be stuck. the only it will go up if u manually set it higher. Also check if any mods you got dont conflict with each other, namly mods that has to do anything with leveling/stats etc.
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