Wtf happened, win 7 reinstall %@#!

So i couldn't install my new ati video card driver, i reinstalled windows and now that's working fine. Now i'm having problems making winRaR work with executable files such as runescape (noob, i know) plugins. My vent won't work with my plantronics headset which i don't think requires drivers, seeing as i'm trying to run it on front panel with my speakers running through back but vent won't show output/input from the front... My WoW also can't install without having everything else up and running because patching is a HUGE internet hog so i wait till everything else finishes up to do that...
I don't know what to do and i'm about to run this computer over with a car after wasting 200$ on it to trigger depression and serious anger issues.... I wish i didn't switch my video card now because i'm SOOOOOOOO frustrated.
This is partial rant as well as request for assistance to how can i get everything back running to how it was before i had to restore. Thanks in advance....
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  1. explain reinstall, did you completely reformat the drive? or repair? did you purchase a new card? if you did can you put the old one in again, can you roll back the drivers?
  2. reinstall as in wipe the hard drive with a magnet then throw it at a wall
    JK, it was formatted then i used the new graphics card and now that runs fine
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