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I was having difficulty with booting my new system, so I replaced the power supply with a new Antec TruePower that is actually P4 compliant. I have an Asus P4S533, and I notice that its AUX power connector is 4-pin, just like a peripheral power connector.

The AUX power lead from the power supply is a 6-pin connector. I also have a feeling that plugging in a peripheral power lead to the AUX connection on the motherboard is not right.

So, I don't have the AUX power connected. The system works fine, I'm not really worried, but I am curious as to why the connectors don't match, or what the effect of having it plugged in is. Any experience?

Thank you.
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  1. if your PS doesn't have the square shaped 4 pin connector, it's not P4 compliant.

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  2. Antec's own web site calls them P4 compatible so you don't have to worry about that. They all use a 6 pin AUX connector. Although they don't have a pinout picture, it appears that there are two extra ground connectors. You can check with support as to its function. Usually it is for a themal cut out if the PC reaches overload.

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  3. I have the plain jane antec P/S which comes with a case and also a P4S533 although they aren't together. The antec P/S should have the 4 pin square connector that P4's use and I assume you plugged that in as well as the 20 pin ATX power. The P4S533 have in addition to those a 4 pin horizontal power input. I found a lead off the P/S which didn't have the little floppy power plugs and plugged that in. I assumed it might be power for chassis fans. The 6 pin horizontal power lead is in all my atx P/S and goes unconnected.
  4. It has TWO auxilary power connections, the first is between the CPU socket and the printer port, and is square, it is a standard P4 auxilary connector. The other one, located next to the ATX power header, is a standard drive power connector. The second one is there for use by people who don't have a "P4 compatable" power supply, i.e. don't have the 4-pin square one. It's a substitute.

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