Problem reading Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion DVD-ROM disc

When I stick my Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion DVD-ROM into my DVD-ROM drive, it freezes up the desktop and the mouse cursor will have a CD-shaped icon to the right of the normal mouse cursor that will appear every few seconds until I remove the disc from the DVD-ROM drive.

I went to Bethesda's website and checked their FAQ's and it said to try a list of things (3 things to be exact). I tried two of them and they did not solve the problem. (I do not have Nero or StarForce on my computer either ---- another thing it said to check for in their FAQ's section).

I was left with only one thing to try according to their FAQ's: updating the DVD-ROM drive's firmware. Well this is has been a problem for me! I have a Hitachi GDR-8160B DVD-ROM 16x drive. I have been unable to locate a firmware driver for this model and thus, I cannot update the firmware to determine if that will solve the problem. I have searched several sites and cannot find a firmware update for this!

I do not have another computer to test to see if the Oblivion DVD-ROM disc itself is the problem unfortunately. I just purchased it today and was surprised when it did not want to load the disc at all. I am wondering if it is either the DVD-ROM firmware driver or my DVD-ROM disc itself.

By the way, my system meets or exceeds the requirements to run Oblivion, so I know that the system requirements for the game are not the problem.

Has anyone else ran into a problem with the Oblivion DVD-ROM disc not loading on their computer? If so, did you eventually find a fix for it? And how did you fix it? Thanks!
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  1. if you have another dvd drive on pc put it in their but if that doesnt work try to clean the dvd drive or the dvd, another is to put a blank cd in dvd drive and go to my computer right click and exploer on the cd leave it on that page and take out the blank one and put the oblivion dvd onto it.
  2. hey i have the same problems as you if i put the oblivion disc in my dvd driver (Sony dvd writer) it just wont read it.
    first i thought it was mt dvd drive so i bought a new dvd driver, unfortunately it gives the same problems.
    when i put the disc in the other computer of us upstairs it just works fine and try to instal immediately.
    so i guess the problems in the system of the computer or the security in the oblivion disc, but i still dont know how to run it on my own pq, every idee's are welcome.
  3. btw my computer always readed dvd's but never readed any cd's, if i put a cd in the driver it gives the same problems as with the oblivion dvd
  4. brings back bad memories....

    That happened to me with Deus Ex:IW.

    I would put in the CD and the drive would spin endlessly.
  5. a coworker of mine his dvd drive crashes his pc when he puts in a dvd, but cd works fine lol.. so weird.
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