Help getting up to speed with the PSP!

Finally, I was able to get a modern video gaming system-namely the Playstation Portable!

I considered either PSP or the Nintendo DS Lite. I chose the PSP because it seemed to be the most versatile and to have the clearest display (amongst other reasons). Plus, I got it at a pretty good price.

Anyway, I'm looking to learn how to make the most out of my PSP. Unfortunately, the PSP doesn't come with any games, so I'm wondering how I can start using it right away? What games do you folks suggest for newbies? Where do you get your movie UMD's, music, and other content?

Just trying to get up to speed on PSP. Thanks!
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  1. My favorite PSP games:

    GTA VCS (Action/Adventure)
    GTA LCS (Action/Adventure)
    Killzone: Liberation (Tactical Shooter)
    Syphon Filter (Shooter)
    Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (Arcade racer, tuning)
    Burnout Legends (Arcade racer)
    Tekken (Beat em up)
    Monster Hunter (RPG / Hack 'n' Slash)

    If you like to mess around with things you could try downgrading and running homebrew etc. If you're doing this always make sure you download things from trusted sites and always read the manuals clearly.
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