Abit TH7II-RAID refuses to boot unless power.....

Hello all.

I recently built a system with the following parts:
Intel 2.0a GHz (northwood)
Matrox G400 (dual monitor)
2-128MB Rambus (Mushkin) (installed correctly, post=good)
2-80GB Western Dig. WD800 HDD's (Raid-Stripe Set)
PC Power and Cooling 275W Pwr. Supp.

The OS is Win2K Pro, All the chipset drivers were from the Intel site (as Abit recommends!). I have also flashed the bios to the latest (7C) version, and the boot block (reserved) space was retained (write was good).

According to the Abit manual, after flashing the bios, I unplugged the pwr. supp. cord, cleared the CMOS (with the jumper) and plugged the pwr. supp. back in, then I reset the CPU speed and rebooted. All with no trouble.

Here's the problem..... the system will not reboot (either from the front panel switch or the switch on the mobo) if the system has been shut down longer than 10 min.

In order to get it to reboot, I have to unplug the pwr. supp. cord (~10 seconds), then plug it back in. Then the front panel switch will boot the system normally. By the way, it seems like I hear a relay click in the Pwr. Supp. after replugging in the cord (don't know if this is significant, but I thought it might be worth mentioning).

I haven't seen any one else post a question like this (except with the KT7 series) on the Abit/FAE or in the Abit newsgroups. The solution for the KT7's is to clear the "garbage" from the CMOS, then all will be fine? This hasn't worked for me.

Just thought I'd ask around here and see if any one else has seen this problem.

Thanks for any interest/input you may have.
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  1. Yes, you might hear a relay click when you unplug/replug the power supply, because it stays "hot" when the system is turned off, suplying a small amount of power to the board for such features as "Wake on Lan" and "power on from keyboard". My guess is that there is a BIOS issue to be resolved, you may find the problem goes away if you disable such features in BIOS, then again, you may not.

    <font color=blue>At least half of all problems are caused by an insufficient power supply!</font color=blue>
  2. Well in some power supplies the click when you pulg a powered cord into the PSU is not a relay but it is power arcing between the cable connector and the PSU pins as you plug the cable in. I think it is more likely that and the Bios is at fault. For atx power supplies the motherboard is still powered when the system gets shut down. EG, my motherboard has a light on it to tell me it is powered, this light stays on until the power cable is unplugged or the switch on the back of the power supply is toggled.

    The power on an ATX board is controller on board! You don't have a PSU problem, either that or is the PSU suitble to power you new board, you need atleast 25A on the 5V lead and a certain amount on the 5VSB is enough, read the motherboard manual, I think this could be the other problem that a safety trips out on the PSU which is only reset when the power is totally removed. The relays in modern computers make no noise because they are microchip relays so make no noise.

    Anyway hope this help......
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