A Matter of Import: PS3 Games from the Land of the Rising Sun

The PlayStation3 is a rarity in the world of home game consoles: a piece of hardware that doesn't lock out foreign software. We take a look at some Japanese titles that could be worth importing to your American PS3.
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  1. There are several games that have come out in Japan but not ported that I really REALLY want an english version of.

    The first one in my mind is Front Mission History. This was a compilation of the first three front mission games (the first two of which have never been ported to the US) with some graphical enhancements and improvements. It think it had a bonus story as well and the Japanese version came with limited edition figures of some of the mechs.

    The next one I really would like to see is a funny little thing called Sega Gaga. This came out for the Dreamcast and quirky doesn't even come close to describing it. It was outright weird. Me and my friends tried to play it even though it was in Japanese but to no avail. We made some progress but the main game is very menu driven and so we could only guess what most of them were doing.

    The most recent addition to my STRONG wants list is Front Mission 5. WHY OH WHY have we been forsaken by Square Enix? One of the greatest tactical RPGs series ever and only two of the games get ported? Did they not do well despite great reviews? We finally have all of the FF games in the US, why not the Front Mission games?

    Anyway, thats my little list.
  2. Thanks for the review! I'm loving Mainichi Issyo!! :)

    Any chance someone with more than my level(none) of Japanese could translate some of the menus? I would love to play around a bit more with this game :)

    Thanks again!
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