i need your help epox 4sda+ probs

ok my epox 4sda + wont boot, it is all powered up and the fans spin, and the leds come on, but the diagnostic leds dont even come on.
they dont give out any post codes.
i have swapped out everything from cpu to psu to gfx card and they all work in other pcs.
i have clearded the cmos loads, and checked it is not shorting out. is it dead??

plzzz help, it crashed a few times then simply one day wouldnt start.
i will rma it but if its my fault they charge me 25 quid and send it back.
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  1. It sounds like its time to play TAPS for that motherboard from everything you've written RMA that sucker.

    You never know what you can do until you try.
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