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i use a windows 7 home premium on my pc.wen i installed i activated via internet.since then no reactivations were i want to replace my hard disk with a better one and i want to do a clean install on it. can i reactivate thru internet after this or do i ve to call microsoft for this.

one more doubt.even if i reinstall on the same drive ,shud i reactivate and can i do it by net witout needin to call microsoft
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  1. probably won't need to if you ghost the drive
  2. wat if i do a clean install
  3. probably will need to call MSFT, don't worry they are good at reissuing serials for HDD replacement, or why don't you leave the current setup and just add the HDD to the computer
  4. its only a 250 psu dell vostro slim already running a ati 5570. psu wont take it if i use two hdds together
  5. thats a 50 Watt card 10 for the MEM, if you add 100 for MB and CPU, there's still a lot of overhead,. 10 for the HDD
  6. I don't think you will need to reactivate if you just replace the hard drive with cloning.

    If you do a clean install, internet activation should not be a problem.

    Microsoft uses a formula to determine if activation is being done to the same PC. The formula is highly weighted by the motherboard and other factors like the cpu, ram, mac address. The hard drive is a lesser factor.
  7. is there any limit for activating oem windows 7 on same many times can i do it.wat shud be the interval between two activations
  8. hadware sometimes without any or at limited warning, so theye expect reativation, but 2 times ina week you might get to sweet talk them
  9. so i can do a clean install in a new hdd and do activation by net.rite
  10. you may need to call them, but it's not a big deal
  11. Microsoft cares most that you are using a valid copy of windows, and that it is being used on only one PC at a time.

    They define a PC primarily by the motherboard and configuration. You should be able to reactivate on the same pc as many times as you wish. Remember, that when you load a clean copy of windows, you have a fully functioning system for 30 days before activation is required. That should be enough time to get everything right, including reloads if necessary. This process is not a problem if you have a legitimate copy and product key.
  12. i activated this may. is there a min time period bw reactivation
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