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What type of TV will be best for me

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December 1, 2006 12:49:54 AM

Hi im Dan i have tons of old school systems and well i want a wii. I have a crappy 19 in tv i play my games on but now that i have money i want to upgrade to a HDTV. From what i know playing games in 480 look terrible on LCDs and Plasmas. Also i know they have been known to cause gaming lag and i dont want that with the Wii. Than there is the DLP rear projector TVs. I dont know much about them but would the image be distorted like it would on LCD and Plasma? So does it upscale or does it just shoot out the image in its native resolution. Is there much of a Difference between DLP rear projector and a DLP projector that i can shoot up to 100"? i need help

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December 1, 2006 7:30:35 AM

DLP does upscale in a way, it uses wobulation giving the image processor a true resolution of 960x1080 but because the image processor is made up of mirrors that reflect light it basically gives you a true native resolution of 1080p but at the cost of a lower refresh rate. Though the refresh at 1080p would still not be as bad as 1080i (30fps) and does give a perfect 1080p picture.

Both 1080p and some 720p DLP televisions use a technique called wobulation to achieve their stated native resolutions. With wobulation, which Samsung calls SmoothPicture, the DLP chips have half as many physical pixels (a 1080p chip has 960x1,080 pixels). A tiny mirror or lens moves rapidly back and forth to alternately create the first and second halves of the image and achieve 1,920x1,080 resolution. Wobulation can produce good results, and on some 1080p TVs, it can technically deliver all 1,920 lines of horizontal resolution; on other sets, it makes the image look softer. As usual, performance varies from model to model.

You have to think this way a 50" DLP with 1080p will set you back £800 but if you where to get a 1080p LCD you would be paying more like £5000 so in my eye's they are worth it.

I will be getting one at any rate.