MMR: The 10 Best Games for Your Money this Holiday Season

Games are expensive these days, but there are some titles, both new and old, that are worth the dough. Now that we're in the thick of the holiday season, here are 10 games that deliver enough bang for the buck.
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  1. No even single PS3 game (which I am not surprised) but no Zelda? Did Rob just put DEFCON above Zelda? Now, I am not a Zelda fan, nor console fan in general (Wii may change that in future, because right now I am having so much fun with it), but I have to admit that Zelda is very good game...
  2. Quote:
    If you're like most gamers, you probably lean and jerk the controller with your old consoles while playing racing games, even though the movements have no effect on the game itself. Well, now they do. And it's fun. But give Excite Truck a spin and then try going back to playing a regular analog stick game. You'll probably find it's just not the same anymore.

    Remove the Excite Truck reference & insert Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz & you get the jist of everything I've been saying about the game.

    I'm actually scared to go back to the original or second game at this point... It's a good thing I don't have my own Wavebird, & no longer have access to a GCN to play the games. Yet.

    Though I must say I've never been the kind of person to lean when I make a mistake & want to fix it. It was just an instinct relative to playing a Wii game since I tend to (intentionally - I just like looking silly & having too much fun with these types of things - & Wii really is the BEST novelty item in the world right now) exaggerate all my motions, especially in Wii Sports. But anyway, I jumped off a cliff & tried to lean to make my monkey come back after such a huge mistake when lo & behold he did! =P

    Trauma Center: Second Opinion is even crazier in that regard. It's completely direct control.
  3. Lack of Zelda negates the reputability of this article. Over half of the games listed are 2005 titles. Granted it's a value based top 10.
  4. Well Zelda shot itself in the foot (& many, many other places) with some terrible presentation issues for the first several hours & some horrible control issues, ironically exactly opposite the perfect motion sensor controls.
  5. Horrible controls? Do you have it set up correctly? Try moving your sensor bar to the opposite side o your TV (bottom to top or top to bottom).
  6. I already said the motion sensor based controls are absolutely perfect.

    It's those related to the analog stick (mostly just things related to horse control & the animations of the horse - as well as graphical flaws in the opening few hours of the game) that have me disappointed. It's not that they're overly bad, it's just that this sort of thing shouldn't even be noticable, much less bothersome in a game of this caliber.

    It's still a great game with mostly good controls, but I shouldn't have to care about these things in a Zelda game. They already got it perfectly right in the first three 3D Zelda games!!!
  7. how can you NOT mention Fable:The Lost Chapters??

    for a $20 price tag that game is greater then Zelda
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