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I'm looking for a new racing game and I'm out of the loop. My last and dearest was Grand Prix Legends. I don't much care for Nascar type racing prefering to turn right occasionally :P .

I cannot believe that there isn't something superiour to GPL since it came out in 98.

What's the best on the market nowadays?

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  1. Thanks I'll check them out.
  2. Don't forget about rFactor and Live for Speed. The former is incredibly moddable, and LFS WILL teach you car control.
    Richard Burns Rally is the gold standard in rally sims if you're interested.

    Avoid anything made by Codemasters, (Colin McRae rally, TOCA, Race Driver, ect..) Need for speed, Juiced, ect... a GPL racer like yourself would find no challenge at all.
  3. There is a game I used to play...Trackmania Nations. It's free and has very good graphics. They have a new one, Trackmania United. Check it out at
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