WoW and my PC

I sold my old PC in need to get more FPS on WoW. Here's what i got :
MSI P965 lga775 mobo
MSI NX7600GT vga
500W PSU
2x512MB Corsair value ram 667 MHz

Intel Celeron 2.53 GHz cpu
HDD 40GB Maxtor
those 2 below because of money shortage.
Now i get 9-10 FPS in raids with 1024x768 with no other effects and i was getting more on my old PC which was AMD 2500+ Barton/Soltek nf2/2x512MB 400MHz/asus geforce 5700/. Whats the bottleneck? I have just few more bucks to spend. Help plz.
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  1. Memory.

    You only have 1 gig of memory and honestly, for MMOs, that is kinda skimpy.

    Also your processor is kind of aging.

    Due to low memory you are also probably hitting your swap file kinda hard and that hard drive is probably holding you back a bit as well.

    Video card should be plenty and your mobo allows for an excellent upgrade path.

    Hard to say where your money would be best spent however, but my first shot would be the RAM.

    Good luck.
  2. RAM may be a culprit, but I run on a gig of RAM with an Athlon 2400+ and can maintain higher rates than that - my video is an ATI X800GTO, so your card is better than mine. I'm betting on the processor - gaming and Celeron rarely mix, and this processor is at best on par speedwise with the Athlon you had to begin with. Throw in the math lobotomy of Celeron chips, and your processor looks pretty weak. Infornography is also probably right about the HDD as well - you may be using the swap file a fair bit, and that will definitely bog the game. Be sure you are running as few apps as possible when gaming - there are LOTS of sneaky programs that may be hogging your RAM, especially if you run any of the antivirus/system suites like Norton or McAfee - those things add WAY too much overhead to justify their existence.
  3. Thx for the help guys but i discovered that my sound card was making trouble. When i turn sound off in game FPS goes up. Not too much but it allows decent gaming (30-40 fps) and maintained those fps even with ALL the video options maxed at 1280x1024 resolution.Also i have McAfee AV and AS so ill check that thing too.An extra fps always comes good:) As You said i was looking for some good upgrade path that's why i got Celeron ( will get C2D when i gather some more money and prices fall a bit i hope). Thx again.
  4. Ahh, crappy software sound card. Probably exacerbated by the aging processor. Yeah I can definitely see that happening.

    Anyway, congrats on the new build and happy upgrading once you get around to it ;-).
  5. Pleased to help, and have fun on that upgrade path - much more fun than buying someone else's proprietary junk, I guarantee. I think I am running on a software card at home myself - might try killing it to see if it makes a difference on my framerates... :D
  6. You need ram for MMOs and that CPU has got to go lol. Had some bad bad memories with Celerons. :roll:
  7. Raids slowed my fps down to about 20fps. And I usually hit over 100fps in Ironforge easily. And my video card was about the same as yours. I'd say absolutely get a processor upgrade. 2gb ram will definately bump your fps as well.
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