WoW and my PC

I sold my old PC in need to get more FPS on WoW. Here's what i got :
MSI P965 lga775 mobo
MSI NX7600GT vga
500W PSU
2x512MB Corsair value ram 667 MHz

Intel Celeron 2.53 GHz cpu
HDD 40GB Maxtor
those 2 below because of money shortage.
Now i get 9-10 FPS in raids with 1024x768 with no other effects and i was getting more on my old PC which was AMD 2500+ Barton/Soltek nf2/2x512MB 400MHz/asus geforce 5700/. Whats the bottleneck? I have just few more bucks to spend. Help plz.
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  1. My guess is the CPU, but what is the RPM speed of that hard drive?
  2. I think its 5400 i kept it from my old pc cuz i had 2 hdd's.
  3. Ok. What I reccomend you do before taking my word that it's the processor and forking over a couple hundred dollars for a new one is to set up some performance counters in windows. These will tell you how bogged down certain parts of your system are.

    This is streight from microsoft about how to set up performance coutners.

    Here is some good info about which counters to set, and what they are telling you about your system.

    Let it run in the background while you work/play and analyse them after a couple hours or whenever you're done.

    Lastly, please don't just turn all the available counters on. Choose the ones that you want from the second link, otherwise your system resources will be killed just from monitoring.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Thx for the links m8. I actually discovered that my sound card was making trouble. When i turn off sound in game the FPS goes up somewhere in 30-40. I even tried with ALL video options high and it still stayed 30-40. Thx again.
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