WoW and my PC

I sold my old PC in need to get more FPS on WoW. Here's what i got :
MSI P965 lga775 mobo
MSI NX7600GT vga
500W PSU
2x512MB Corsair value ram 667 MHz

Intel Celeron 2.53 GHz cpu
HDD 40GB Maxtor
those 2 below because of money shortage.
Now i get 9-10 FPS in raids with 1024x768 with no other effects and i was getting more on my old PC which was AMD 2500+ Barton/Soltek nf2/2x512MB 400MHz/asus geforce 5700/. Whats the bottleneck? I have just few more bucks to spend. Help plz.
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  1. Your setup isn't that bad...But if i had to off the top of my head i would say the CPU is holding you back. and make sure you have a set of dual channel paird memory im not sure how resource intensive wow is but if its anything like eq2 I would think you would like to have at least 2gigs of memory and a nice upscale proccesor maybe an intel 2duo if your board supports it and you can afford it
  2. most likely your CPU, id advise upgrading to a Core 2 Duo e6300 when you can afford it
  3. Wait for Intels April price cuts, save back some dough and get a C2D (E4300 or E6300 or something on the "low" end) and add another gig of ram. If you have to choose one over the other, replace the proc first...
  4. 1gb ram is good enough for WoW. My resource monitor never goes under 75% with WoW and background stuff running.
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