ga-8ihxp raid setup

Has anybody got the raid function on the ga-8hixp to work with Win XP?

I am trying to install win xp on a systems configured to raid-0 (stripping, for performance). I've set the bios for raid and configured a two disk array using the Promise Fast Build Config utility. Then I used FDISK to create a single active partition (C:) and formated that drive to FAT32 (why not). (This works fine I can cd to C: and see one big empty drive). I start installing Win XP and press F6 to load the correct WinXP FastTrak133-Lite Controller driver from a diskette (latest driver from gigabyte web site). Win XP gives me "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer." Can't go on any further. The drives are Maxtor 40GB 7200rpms (nice).

Any help, thoughts, suggestions or good natured mockery would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well. I've got it up and running. Put the Promise RAID drivers on a floppy, and boot your pc from cd-rom (the Windows XP cd-rom that is...). Press F6, insert your floppy and choose the right controller from the list...

    That's how I did it anyway...
  2. Thanks so much for the reply. I had already copied the driver files to a floppy, but the good news is that figured out what I did wrong, the drives weren't jumpered to master mode.

    The jumper table printed on the drive case was ambiguous and I incorrectly jumpered the drives to slave mode. After I rejumpered the drives to master everything was fine. I found an unambiguous jumper table for the drives at
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