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Hey guys, I've been doing video editing for a while and I've come across something I'm not sure about. I've been downloading dvd images and burning them off for some time, but have never authored my own. I don't need tutorials or anything, just some first hand program recomendation from you guys

If I search my regular sites for this info, I come across an insane amount of different programs and methods to use. Any help would be much appreciated

In a nutshell what I want to do is put a .avi file (if I have to convert it to mpg that's cool too) on a regular dvd to play in a regular dvd player. NOT A VCD


It's all good ^_^
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  1. Hi there, not 100 sure, but I think Nero 6, will automatically convert AVI to DVD format when you burn a new dvd with the DVD-Movie option.

    This seems to be the easiest option.


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  2. I never tried that, I'll try that sometime here soon.

    I found out what my initial problem was last night actually. I was trying to convert a 702 meg avi into a valid mpeg2 file. The sound kept being off in different places in the movie. It wasn't universally off or I could have simply fixed it, but the sound would be on in some places and off in others.

    I found out it was because of a few bad frames in my avi file and everything seems to be working A-ok now

    It's all good ^_^
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