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I am setting up a computer for my sister and her two teen-age kids, and I would like some help please...

I have her as administrator and the two kids as "power-users"...

but I have some weird problems I would like to resolve... I have a regestered version of 3DMark2001SE installed, but when the power-users log in, the program opens as a not being registered... and when I try to reenter the key, it cannot write to the regestry...

Also, when Neverwinter Nights first loads up, it cannot tell what version of the game it is... but it does work when it loads up...

I would not mind slightly increasing the permissions for the two kids, just so they cannot kill the OS or read eachother's "my documents" files...

But I really want them to be able to use all the features of 3DMark...

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  1. There are lots of other user categories that might suit the situation better. Do you have Administrative Tools installed? If you don't, then get them off the XP CD and install them. Once they're in, you can access the individual rights on a per-group basis from Local Policies / User Rights Assignment.

    Your other problems would be caused if the programs were installed while there was just one user registered on the machine. It might cause things to be set up as available 'To current user only'. That can be a case to deinstall/reinstall. That should clear up all current problems.

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  2. I will try the administrative tools...

    Yes, I added the other accounts later as an afterthought...

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