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I am having a pc built by a local shop....so far I am going for a e6300 or 6400 core 2 duo with 1G ram.

The big question is the graphics card.

I have been looking at the nvidia 256k 7900GS, but I here that Oblivion gets along better with ATI ...something about a couple things that can't be turned on at the same time with Nvidia drivers?

Anyway...what ATI board would be roughly equivalent to a 7900gs? x1900?

What GPU would you guys suggest at this level?.....I don't need the best, but I want something that isn't obsolete overnite. DX10 isn't even a consideration for me for another year.

Wade 8^)
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  1. If your tight on budget and need a good video card...try the 7900GTO or the 7950GT.

    They both have 512 ram and work awesome for oblivion. I myself have the 7950GT runs Oblivion silky smooth with a e6300 oc'ed to 3.0 and 2 gig of ram.
  2. I would suggest the X1900XTX

    With that card you will be able to use both HDR and AA in the game, the 7900gt doesnt support that
  3. I have an Sapphire X1600 Pro and i can run it on max pretty well except for going inside houses it lags and when i get into a Oblivion gate then it runs smoothly i have evertyhing set to max 1280 X 1024

  4. yeah go with the x1950pro. You can have HDR and AA with that card which is the main advantage over the 7900GS I think
  5. Thanks for the replies!

    I ended up with an MSI 7900 GT.....but I have been having a problem. It hangs running 3dmark06 in the deep freeze section every time.

    So I am considering a x1950 PRO......I know the x1950 PRO beats a 7900GS, but can't find how it does against the 7900GT. I really like the way the 7900GT runs Oblivion, but it is a little unstable.

    I would probably need a bigger PSU with the ATI also...I have only 18A on the 12v PS. It is a 500W PS.

    Anyone seen any comparisons of the 7900GT vs the X1950 PRO??

    Wade 8^)
  6. Well I think its safe to say the 7900GT beats the x1950pro in most benchmarks. arnt they on tomshardware VGA bencmarks??

    If you want something better you could get the x1950XT which beats the 7950GT although the x1950pro is still very good. there is also the x1950pro ultimate from saphire
  7. Actually, the ones I have seen show the 1950PRO coming out on top, but very close!

    Anyone show me different? I think it was anandtech.com I saw this on.

    Wade 8^)
  8. I can't believe nobody posted this yet. forget everybody's personal opinions, here's the only post you'll ever need (until it stops being updated anyways), with more research done than you'll care to do yourself:


    You don't really need to choose a card, just decide how much money to spend. then use that post and choose. done!
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