Help me make my old clunker faster - Part I

Please don't die when you see the hypermart pop-up. Its the best I could do. I love you all in advance! ;) ANy pics that don't load pls tell me.

I am mainly trying to get the most power outta this sucker.

The following is on the html:

Help me make my old clunker faster - Part I


Hey you all. Long time reader, first time registerer and poster. Excuse my newbieness. I am skilled in building but never went so far to enabling, disabling, overclocking a
system. Used to be simple, now its getting even more complicated. I am planning on building a video editing system and then overclocking so I want to learn the basics.
Maybe you can help!...

This is an old clunker that I am giving to my mom for the "internet". No I don't use this system. It was the 2nd system I built for myself back in the day. Ahh, don't you all
have these pos laying around the house? heheh... I'll probably ask for help on two more comps if this thread is a success.


What other information you would need? If so, what programs do I need to download. (56k modem)
What can I overclock this system to?
Do I need to place any conductive "gew" in between the chip and the fan before overclocking? I have no clue why I never put it on this chip.
Does the vid card setup need to be there? I mean my mother doesn't need a 3dfx daughter board. (Should I remove it?)
On that note, does the vid card have a lot to do with speed? I have another vid card I can put in. Diamond Stealth.
Should I disable USB if I don't use it. (even though I think I do)
How do you update BIOS and how much does it cost?


To my best:

This is an "untouched" for say,

Intel Motherboard Socket 8
Pentium Pro-s (says 256k on chip) 200 Mhz (Don't know what s stands for)
Ram, I know that 2 of them are: (total is 96MB)

1 MGV 32MB 8x32 60NS EDO
1 MGV 32MB 8x32 60NS EDO

The other two I have no clue,


How do I find out?
Monster 3D 4mb PCI daughter board (remember that??? haha)
Graphics Blaster MA 300 Series
AWE64 Sound Card
Seagate Harddrive 4.3 Gig IDE
External (yes i know blah)
USR 56k Modem
CDROM - Whatever I find laying around
San Ace MPU Cooler DC12V 0.08A
Bios - Award 1995

See pictures.

Bios is japanese to me. Help!

Occasionally with this setup, I cannot reboot fast because the system will reboot and the screen will have occasional giberish, the memory will stop abruptly and not go up
to the total amount. The system will beep 3 times quickly then a really fast beeping noise will persist after until you turn the computer off. It seems that something is too
hot and you have to turn the system off for a bit and do a cold boot.

Help this system to the max without hurting it! =)

Will be used mostly for internet browsing with a dial-up modem and use of Word.

Running Windows 98

If you want to make references to me please use the #s supplied with each pic. Thanks.
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  1. Dude, that computer has more than twice the power it needs for surfing the net. If you want a faster CPU (I don't know why), you can get a Pentium II 333 overdrive for it (under $100), but you could get a Duron and mobo for a similar price (but then you would need new memory). It already has pleanty of memory too.

    I would ditch the 3D accelerator because it probably causes more problems than it's worth. I don't expect your mom to be playing Quake III any time soon.

    There are so many things that can cause the conditions you speak of on an old system that it's hard to say what it is. Could be something as simple as surface oxides on the memory chips. Could be a failing power supply. Pull that 3D accelerator and see what happens.

    <font color=blue>At least half of all problems are caused by an insufficient power supply!</font color=blue>
  2. crashman is the man!
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