Running steam offline?

Anybody know how to run steam offline?

I don't have an internet connection at my house anymore and I'd like to play HL2 (single player) but it keeps saying it can't connect...

Any help is GREATLY appreciated
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  1. nope i could never get offline mode to work on my machine unless i was connected to the internet(some offline system huh) its the only gripe i have with steam.
  2. I can, hehe

    How do you get a non-steam?

    I heard about extracting the GCF files and such...
  3. Quote:
    Also, I can't connect to Steam either, and many others can't either. I hear it's because the storms in Seattle.

    Could be. Last I heard we still had about 600,000 people without power from Puget Sound Energy alone. There are a few other power carriers in the area that I'm aware of. I myself just got power an hour ago, about 45 minutes south of Seattle. Valve is 30 minutes NE of Seattle.

    Steam is up, but purchases are still unavailable. Don't know when that will be fixed as some locations won't get power back for more than a week! I consider myself very fortunate with only 36 hours of black-out.

    Due to technical difficulties, Steam purchases are currently disabled. The rest of the Steam service is operational. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  4. check out the instructions there.

    I am resurecting this thread because it came first in my google list for the entry : "steam offline"
  5. Although it may seem simple the K.B. released be Steampowered isn't quite thorough.

    the best way to ensure it will work will require you to be online first.

    1. exit Steam

    2. delete clientregistry.blob from steam directory c:\program files(x86)\steam\clientregistry.blob

    3. while connected to the internet: restart steam, go online.

    4. allow steam to update, making sure to go into the options and set login information to save.

    5. once steam has completely updated itself and all games, exit steam e.g. -file -exit

    6. restart steam online once more.

    7. goto -file -restart steam in offline mode

    8. steam should now allow you to start in offline mode.

    9. it is very finnicky and may require a couple of attempts.

    note. if you go online again, be sure to go back to offline mode while still connected the the steam network- just in case.

    Once you are in offline mode: exit steam, disconnect your internet, and restart steam. You should be golden! Steam will work in offline mode indefinitely as long as no changes are made to any of the games or files. levels, mods, mutators, and such not withstanding.


  6. forum is from 2006... again please read date of posts!
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