HL2 Episode one Issue with enemy ai


I have been paying this game for last few days and have reached the raveholm chapter. I have a problem with game as every so often enemy ai disables itself and I have to re-enable it each time from the console.

It's really annoying, I have deleted my config file several times as deleted refernces to ai_disable in whatever configf files I can find but still it keeps happening and I dont know where it is being set.

If anyone has an idea please let me know so that I can disable it for good. Oops I mrean enable ai for good. Also I never turned it off myself. It started doing it auto for some reason.

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  1. 8O :arrow: u r using a pirated ver of the game.
    any way there is one solution reinnstall the game and note the date of install frm nxt day onwazrd change the sys date to the date of installation.

    any idea on hoew to displaying fps on hl2
  2. Yep I was using a copied version however I belive the issue exists and occurs with genuine versions too.

    On fps try here:

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