Can codec packs confilct with game?

I remember when i was on the Elder Scrolls' forum that in the FAQ there were saying Oblivion is sensitive to codecs. But im wondering to what extend.

My friend knows a lot about PCs , is the one who built mine, he recently re-install windows re flashed my BIOS because of some BSOD.

I notice i have this thing called Cole2K media codec pack he told me its not suppose to cause any problems, but he is a stubborn guy at time so im not sure what to make of this.

I just wanna know if it could conflict with games and if i delete it what might not work properly.

For media players i use WMP of course when it opens by default but otherwise i use VLC media player , which was recommenced on the Oblivion forum.

So if someone with a bit of knowledge can shed some light on this subject for me, i'd appreciate it.
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  1. If a video game utilizes FMVs a lot then a malfunctioning codec CAN cause problems.

    However I would say the likelihood of a codec pack causing a game to not work is pretty slim. Games are less and less dependant on FMVs to show things, prefering to do them in engine, and as long as you operate in engine it doesn't matter what codecs you have loaded, except for maybe sound, but those are even more rarely the cause of issues.

    You can TRY uninstalling the codec pack to see if it gets rid of a problem, but if you are not currently experiencing a problem, then removing it won't help at all.

    The types of problems a bad codec can cause are crashes at startup when it plays the intro cinematic, Crashes when FMVs load, artifacting or ugly FMVs, or a blank screen during intro movie or FMVs. If it isn't one of those things, it is extremely unlikely to be a codec pack causing your problems.
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