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I've been listening to some midi files from Ultima Online. I quit the game almost 2 years ago due to it taking over my life and my grades being terrible, but I'd give anything to go back in time 2 or 3 years and play it again.

I keep listening to the music from Vesper, Minoc, and Moonglow, my favorite towns. I thought I'd vent a little here, since no other game has had an impact on me like this. Sure lots of games have been more fun, but it takes a great game to make really ass good online friends during gameplay. I still talk to most of them


It's all good ^_^
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  1. Around 6 months ago I tried to go back to UO. Just to check things out. Things have changed (Mostly for the better) but all it did was make me go back to playing everquest.

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  2. I quit dark age for a while and came back and they changed EVERYTHING ahhh I am not sure if I like shrouded Isles... well I remember playing a little UO, I worked on getting an offline version of it going back in the day, I'm not sure if they ever finished that project...I should look around but I was there when it began, I'm sure it must have been completed I heard something about it the other day...well I became addicted to everquest so I forgot about it, then I moved on to dark age when it came out...it may be time for something new tho

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  3. I quit about a month after Third Dawn came to be. That was fine with me, because it meant less and less people being in Felucca. I loved felucca, simply loved it.

    If I could back in time 3 years, I'd do the following:
    - use winning lottery numbers to be super rich
    - warn of future events
    - play uo 24/7 and be lazy with my $$$

    It's all good ^_^
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