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I have a dual-boot setup (Win 98 SE / Win 2k Pro) and want to get rid of Win 98. They are set up on different partitions of a single drive, with Win 98 on C and Win 2k on D. What files do I need to leave alone when I wipe the contents of the C partition (i.e., boot.ini, ntldr.exe, etc.), and what modifications do I need to make to boot.ini to reflect the removal of Win 98 from the system?

--AzGatekeep, Stealth Geek
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  1. Boy, I don't even have the faintest clue on how to do that one without repartition/reformat. I'm thinking that's about the only way you're going to be able to get that done, as win2k likes to write a 7mb boot record at the top of the system partition.
    That's one situation where a bootloader comes in handy. You could just delete the partition you don't want, and resize the other....
  2. I'm wondering if maybe looking at it from the other end might help...

    I found a page at Frank Condron's World O' Windows (sorry, I don't have the URL handy) that describes how to remove Win 2k from a dual boot setup, and it said to remove these files (in addition to the \winnt directory):


    So I'm wondering if those are the files I have to leave alone, and if there might be any others...apparently the Win 2k Registry lives under \winnt. According to the page I found, removing those files and that directory (after doing a "sys c:" from a Win 98 boot disk, to remove the Win 2k MBR) should leave no trace of Win 2k on the system. I'm thinking that removing the \windows directory from my Win 98 partition, along with everything else except the files listed above, should do the trick to remove Win 98 - but I don't want to do it until I get some kind of definitive answer to this question (I really don't want to have to reformat and reinstall....)

    --AzGatekeep, Stealth Geek
  3. im curious on this one also, im in the same boat, win98 on C win2k on E, i only use win98 for 2 things and i cant remeber the last time i used it....

    Win2k is so much nicer. I learned how to make a stripe set this week i set it up with 2 drives i had layin around, and i moved the swap file onto it, BIG improvemnt.
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