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I'm on WinXP Pro.
I just recently assembled an ASUS P4B533 mobo (built-in audio) w/ P4 1.9Ghz, Crucial 512mb PC2100, Pinnacle System Pro One card, Realtek NIC, etc.. I installed the drivers for all the devices that I use. For some reason, it still shows that there is an unknown device in Device Manager.

I can't think of any other causes, but it seems like the mobo is the culprit. I tried finding for other drivers on ASUS' site, but there seems to be none. What is this unknown device? Anyone experience it?

The manual mention that I need to download the new drivers for USB 2 from Microsoft. But they don't have it. However, I don't think this could be the unknown device, or can it?

Any suggestions? thanks!

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  1. The unknown device could be any of the various devices on your motherboard. Did you install all the drivers included on the CD? And why a P4 1.9? That would be a really crumy processor, significantly outperformed by the P4 1.8A (the A is the one with 512k cache). Also, the 1.8A accepts really high overclocks, while the earlier version 1.9 won't overclock much.

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