pc heating up with SETI

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I cant believe I'm saying this but i have a PC that runs nice and cool until
i start seti@home on it. I've run seti on lots of other PCs and never seen
this before. The PC in question is an HP m270n (865 chipset, Northwood 2.8
Ghz HT w 1 gig PC2700 ram running XP Media Center Edition. I'm using Seti
Driver and have two CLI (version 3.08, i386-winnt-cmdline) copies running,
one per cpu thread. Temp rises fairly quickly by nearly 10 deg C when i
start SetiDriver. System is clean, no dust, and nearly new.

Anyone else seen this?
Any suggestions?
Why would the system heat up like that?
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware,sci.astro.seti (More info?)

    Eric <nospam@email.com> wrote:
    > Followup-To: comp.sys.hp

    Note that comp.sys.hp is obsolete since February 2, 1994, i.e. over
    ten years! Not many sites carry it. So while cross-posting to it is not
    too bad, setting a Followup-To: it is a really bad idea.
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