returned my xbox360, back to mouse/keyboard

So GoW fever and the tantalizing prospect of Halo3 in q1 2007 got to me. So i finally went ahead and bought an xbox360, got GoW free with it.

Hooked it up to my lcd monitor and man, the graphics are amazing, the roll and take cover concept is pretty neat. I am in for a good time !!!

Well, 4 weeks and hours of frustration later, i return the xbox. I just cant get used to the damned controller; playing an fps with a controller sucks !!

so anyways, i'll use the money to buy a dx10 card in march, once the r600 comes out and we have a clear winner btw the 8800 and r600.

Any thing like this happen to any body else, or am i just too old to learn new tricks ?
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  1. You didn't have an option for "a couple hours" but that's about how long it should take. Did you try changing the control scheme? I personally can't play FPS games on a pad without inverting the up/down view control.

    If you're familiar with WASD and mouse look on your keyboard and mouse it shouldn't take long at all to get used to a gamepad.

    How old are you?

    (By the way, "btw" means...uh, "by the way" to most of us, not "between".)
  2. You may want to try Wii. Though FPS is probably not the strongest genre for Wii, due to graphics. But control-wise it Rocks! And this is coming from long-time PC gamer

    BTW I am posting this from my Wii Opera based bowser. It works quite well!
  3. It all comes down to the fact that a console controller is just not as responsive or precise as a mouse.

    A PC gamer can get familiar with a new controller pretty easily most of the time but will be dissapointed with its responsiveness in FPSs.

    I just don't understand why FPSs have become so incredibly popular on consoles, They just don't work as well as WASD+mouse and probably never will. Even the wii's controls are far from perfect. There are gamers however who only play FPSs on consoles... I just get the feeling that they don't know what they are missing.
  4. Get the Wii if you want to play FPS.
  5. Precision is all in the eye of the beholder. I love playing GoW on my 360. I think the people on PC's who complain about the controls just don't understand the point of console gaming. How often can you and four friends all play on your PC? The title dictates the fun, not the console or pc.
  6. I love console gaming, just not for FPSs. I fully intend to get my smash bros. on when the new one comes out.

    I have tried FPSs on consoles, several times, every time I just thought about how much better this would be with a keyboard and mouse.

    Similarly RTSs don't work very good with a console controller.

    However if you try a space shooter like RType or Gradius on the PC you will be wishing you had a console controller, same with fighting games.

    Each control scheme has its strengths and weaknesses. I'd rather play to the strengths personally.
  7. Mind you, with a possible exception of Links 386 on a laptop, my first game was Super Mario Bros. on NES, & I've always been very comfortable with controllers. I'm even pretty damn good (or at least was at one point) at Perfect Dark. I've also gotten decent at times with dual analog controlling games (also Perfect Dark in 1.2...) but...

    First person shooters belong on a mouse. With a keyboard. And a computer. It's that simple.

    Many genres play better on consoles. Others play better on PC. It's that simple. It's that black & white. Unless it's grey, in which case either control scheme works for the game - in which case I'm faster & more precise with a keyboard, & maybe a mouse.

    But regardless of how comfortable you may be with a controller in the FPS genre, it will always be inferior. It's just too slow. Even if I had perfect accuracy (which I don't on consoles - just barely enough these days) for something like Call of Duty 2, there's absolutely no way the sheer intensity of the game could be transferred over to me. It also doesn't help (in this specific case) that I'm 10 feet away instead of 2, and I'm using speakers instead of a headset.

    It's more immersive on a computer, & it controls better with a mouse.
  8. FPS games will always belong to the PC. I myself have bought a 360, and it took some while to get used to the controller. FPS games just plain out suck on a console.
  9. ok I am a huge fan of : gears of war / halo / halo2 / socom 1-4 etc console FPS gaming is just something that takes some time to get used to but can be mastered with time just like anything else. gears of war is by far more fun to me right now than any other FPS except maybe DARK MESSIAH (PC) (if i had a faster proc and video setup 6800 GT not cuttin it anymore)
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