BF2 random disconnects

BF2 started to randomly disconnect lately. I don't know how to fix it. It's version 1.41. I have DMZ enabled on my computer and all firewalls off. Some of the things I already tried:

1. Updated Punkbuster.

2. Shut off every other computer in the house connected to the internet and shut of the wireless feature on the router.

3. Underclocked my computer back to default.

4. Tried a different Lan card.

5. Called my ISP they said it wasn't happening at the router or at there equipment.

6. Powercycled my equipment and reset the router to company defaults.

7. Reinstalled windows because I needed to put it on my raid 0 drives anyway. It didn't help.

8. Closed every process in taskmanager that I could.

9. Opened port 16567 on my router.

10. Ran a program called Ultima Online Trace Utility that I got from EA that is supposed to find where packets are being lost at. It is directed to the server I usually play on (War is Hell). Here are the results after a few hours:

I don't know anything else to do. Help is very much appreciated.
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  1. Anyone? Am I gonna have to post this in CPU's to get some attention? Only 18 people saw this thread in the last 7 days. Jeez.
  2. I found out that it is not BF2 itself. I have a very high packet loss through my ISP. It does this on all my games. Even the PS2 does it.
  3. Yeah I had the same problem where my Internet would just DC and reboot time to time and i called them, they finally came and its been fixed ^_^
  4. I've had the company over 3 times they never fixed it. Until recently it started working again. Our internet was out for 3 days because of the weather when it came back online it didn't disconnect. Something got fixed.
  5. My problem was that they were idiots. They kept telling us for days that they were doing work in the area and if it keeps doing it, call at 5pm [of course i leave for work at 5pm] So when I had my mom call and threaten to cancel it, they decided to send someone over lool
  6. Quote:
    Only 18 people saw this thread in the last 7 days. Jeez.

    I'd have thought the sticky "Announcement: No more posting in this forum" would have given you a hint as to why no-one was reading it. :roll:
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