K7S5A + 1.2 gig Duron - Power Supply question

Good evening. =) My roommate recently purchased a 1.2 gig duron with a K7S5A mobo. However we're not sure if his previous power supply can properly power the board. We believe it's 150 watts, and it's called a PC100 PS150A power supply, although I can't find any specs on the web. It's probably super duper duper cheap.

He's running it right now, but it will intermintently lock the computer up and trip the surge protector on his power strip. I'm worried about possible CPU or mobo damage..

any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

thanx ^_^
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  1. You may have to replace the case as well. If your current case is a micro atx, a regular power supply may not fit. Newegg has some maxtop cases with 350 watt ps for about $50 shipped that will work nicely. If your concerned about damaging the cpu/mobo, I would stop using them until you replace the ps.
  2. The processor doesn't need much but ECS K7S5A doesn't behave well with cheap, weak power supplies.

    The Enermax 430 watt unit is about $80 USD. I realize it's not exactly cheap but it is a good investment toward future upgrades and your friend won't have to worry about inadequate power.

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  3. definately not good enough.

    get something like a 300W unit in a known brand name... enermax, sparkle, toptower, antec.

    ive got no idea why so many people get a nice fast cpu and good motherboard yet forget or try to ignore the most important part of the computer, the PSU.

    bad/dirty power CAN fry your board.

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