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In the tutorial at the start, you have to get through the competition in 4 categories. The other 3 are easy but in the Harvest Brawl, after i win the first group of contestants, it doesn't allow me to talk to Brother Merring or Wyl Mossfeld. No one says anything and I end up stuck in the enclosure. I can't continue with the game. Help please! How can I win this. Did I lose because I "killed" all of them? How come Brother Merring does not talk to me after I won the first group of contestants?
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  1. Curious. I killed them all and it instantly faded to black and put me in a conversation outside of the fence. I then talked to the brothers and went back in for the big one. If your still stuck in the fence after killing your opponents I'd say you have a glitch.

    Since you're still in the tutorial, just start over and try again. The character you created should be saved now, so you won't have to create a new one unless you felt you made a mistake. Just to be safe, this time try doing the contests in a different order. Also make sure you have the latest patches as there were apparently several game breaking errors in the initial release.
  2. As VBDude states, download the latest patches. There was a bug that sometimes a cutscene video wouldn't play, so you're stuck waiting for the video even though it has not been triggered to play. This happened to me further along in the game. The patch fixed it.
  3. :? just found out mine wasnt the latest version. after i patch it up, it should help...thanks!
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