What game is this a still from?

Saw this screenshot in a laptop review on the Toms Hardware site, but it didn't say what it was from.

Anyone have any ideas what game this is? I was a fan of Origin's Wing Commander series, and like space-based games where you pilot ships.

Thanks :)
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  1. Do you have a link to the page itself? Was there any reference to the game?

    Could be any number of game tbh but it looks relatively new. Isn't there a new one out at the moment called starforce or something like that?

    EDIT: If you like space games why not try get the trial of Eve Online. It's an mmorpg and it's fantabulous :)

    I've been addicted for a year and 2 months at this stage 8O
  2. http://tomshardware.co.uk/2006/06/13/3d_gaming_notebooks_uk/page28.html

    This is the article that the stills were in, but I can't see any mention of that particular game in it. Maybe my eyes are going :lol:

    I will have a look into this Eve Online, thanks :) Currently playing through one of the Privateer remakes available on the web - or rather I was, until I bought FM2007 :roll:
  3. Eve online isn't a fast paced space game. But it is great. I assume you have played Freespace 1 and 2? The best space shooters ever made?
  4. Yes I have :)
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