Game Closed but Server is Still Running?

I recently made a server computer just for a dedicated server on Halo Custom Edition. I made the init file and all that, here are the commands in it:
sv_name "[A27] Dedicated Server #1"
sv_public 1
sv_maxplayers 10
sv_rcon_password *****
sv_mapcycle_timeout 5
sv_tk_ban 6
sv_tk_cooldown 1m
sv_tk_grace 1s
sv_tk_penalty 30s 1m 5m 10m
sv_logfile_enabled 1
sv_motd motd.txt
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch "Bloodgulch Snipers"
sv_mapcycle_add coldsnap "Coldsnap CTF"
sv_mapcycle_add deathisland "Capture the Flag"
sv_mapcycle_add dangercanyon "Capture the Flag"
sv_mapcycle_add coldsnap "Coldsnap CTF"
sv_mapcycle_add beavercreek "Capture the Flag"
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch "Capture the Flag"
sv_mapcycle_add coldsnap "Coldsnap CTF"
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch "Bloodgulch Snipers"
So, that's my init code. But, when my server is up, and someone tries to join, it says connected to <ip>:<port>, then loading map <map>, like it's actually working. Then, right when the map is loaded, it says The Game Has Closed, or something relevant to that.

Does anyone have any idea on what I should do to fix this so people can join my dedicated server? I remember I had this problem before, but I can't remember what I did to fix it.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well, I've narrowed down what ISN'T causing the problem: init file, gametpes, and maps.
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