bf2 won't play on new monitor

I just upgraded my monitor to a samsung syncmaster 940bw 19" lcd widescreen, and all my games work except for battlefield 2. the flash screen comes up then when the screen turns black it exits to desktop. I tried reinstalling the video card driver and battlefield 2 and downloaded the latest patch, but it is still doing it. Any input would be appreciated

system specs

amd 64 3200+ 939
evga nforce 4 sli mobo
2gb a-data vitesta pc 3200 in dc
evga 7800 gt
aspire 500w psu
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  1. What res/refresh rate were u last playing BF2 at? I'm prooobably going out on a limb here but maybe you had the game settings on a high res or weird res your monitor doesnt support?

    Usually most games have a config.bat file or something like that where u can manually adjust the res that might be a possible solution however your more likely to find a proper solution in the official BF forums.
  2. I agree, but its not common that crash to the desktop... if more often that it shows all wrong... screeched , but not to crash.
  3. He also mentioned reinstalling BF2. Default settings shouldn't cause an issue like that. Unless he neglected to unistall first, or didn't delete the config files if he did.

    My question, did it ever run correctly?
  4. the old settings were 1024 x 768 60hz it ran fine at those settings on old monitor
  5. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it again and it works fine, guess i forgot to get rid of the old config files, thanks for the help
  6. Glad it worked. Have fun.
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