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Anyone know when/where the Shuttle board using the SiS 648 chipset is gonna be available? Also is Shuttle a good manufacturer of mobos? Anyone have any opinion or experience with Shuttle?
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  1. i would also like to know when this particular board comes out. from what i understand, this will be the first board on the market to use the new SiS648 chipset, and i haven't heard word of any other mobo manufacturer planning on making a board with this chipset yet. i read the review here at Tom's, and Shuttle's board seems to be full of great features, but i also know nothing about the stability, overclockability, and reliability of Shuttle mobos. if ASUS were coming out with one, i'd be looking into that since i know that ASUS boards are rock solid when it comes to stability, but Shuttle is the only one i know making a board with this chipset thus far...

    sorry i didn't have an answer for you sphinco, i just want to know the same thing you do. so i guess i'll just join you in the quest for knowledge ;-)
  2. Hey S,

    I don't know about this SiS 648 mobo, but in general, IMHO, Shuttle is the Best Value/Budget mobo maker. Of the 11 mobo's that I have used, none were DOA or had anything wrong with them. They do not have a lot of "Extras" but the mobos are very stable & work well............not great for Over-Clocking, though(mostly because of the simpler bios's that they use). They are the best mobo's for the low price segment. I am sure that I will buy another Shuttle mobo in the future.

    Peace Out..............tile

    god knows your entire system setup & he would answer your questions if he could just stop laughing
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