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Can anyone tell me the performance implications of using a touchscreen monitor for first person shooter games like BF2142?

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  1. :? Performance implications? Do you mean will it work? I'd say no. Do you mean do they have fast enough refresh and low enough lag to make it feasible? I don't know. Do you own one or plan to buy one?
  2. Both will it work (where you touch the screen the shot is fired on that spot)and will it work well enough so the game performance isn't ruined by the limitations of the screen.

  3. I might stop breathing if it worked. There's no way they'd program it for that small of a market. I don't know of any "TouchSense API compatible monitor recommended" logo.

    I'm not sure about performance, but I'm pretty sure most ATMs weren't designed to run games, and it's markets like that, where mice and other conventional inputs aren't feasible, where touch screens are used. And they don't need fast response times. ("I'd die if it took an extra microsecond to get my $20!")

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