Gigabyte GA-7VRX or Asus A7V333

Which one would you guys recommend? I am looking to buy a high performance computer, but I heard that the Gigabyte is a little unreliable and that the Asus lacks on board ethernet and other stuff. Unfortunately, I can only choose between these two. I would appreciate any help you could give. Thanks.

The Gigabyte GA-7VRX would be revision 2.0
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  1. Yes I was there deciding between those too. Either get Gigabyte (with all bells and whistles for less, but uknown about reliability) or ASUS (without LAN, but reliable) So I went cheaper way with more features and got gigabyte kt333 just 3 days ago from and OMG I was very disappointed... if you plan to use your computer for games on that board then forget it, if not then you should be ok... as for me I am going to give abit a shot which is about $50 more, but at least I know it is reliable and it comes with lots more features then asus or gigabyte and it doesn't lack in performance either...
  2. What's up with the A7V333 that it doesn't play games nice?

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  3. nothing wrong with ASUS, just I was looking for mobo with built-in lan
  4. I really dont think Gigabyte is bad for games,,must be something else wrong with your system??!

    have fun,be lucky
  5. Here is my brand new system:

    Athlon 2100+
    Gigabyte GA-7VRXP
    MSI Geforce 4600
    Kingston 512MB DDR 2700
    Enermax 431 Power supply
    2x Wester Digital HD 80GB 8MB cache
    1x IBM Deskstar 60GB
    SB Audigy

    Use default settings from factory (don't really want to mess with it)and games like SOF2 or MOHAA lockup or reboot my pc...
  6. Oh, you just ment the A7V333 is lacking a onboard NIC? I was just going to buy one for my gaming rig, and I thought perhapse your's turned out to manage memory baddly or had some other critical performance flaw.

    I don't use onboard anyhow. *disable* :)

    BTW, are those twin 80gigs in RAID? That's onother thing I was moving into for the game machine, a RAID 0 array.

    Mr. Perfect
    Descent, because gravity is highly over-rated.
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