Minesweeper Cheat:

Ok, first, make sure that you have the latest graphics drivers so you can play Minesweeper. This cheat requires nice high FPS in Minesweeper. :wink:

Set your background to something black or dark. Make sure that the pixel in the UPPER LEFT HAND corner of your screen is clear. Open Minesweeper and begin a game.
Hold SHIFT and press X, Z, Y, Y, Z and let go of SHIFT. Shortly after letting go, press SHIFT once.
The upper left hand pixel will now turn white if you hover your mouse over a block that hides a mine. You can finish a hard Minesweeper mission without looking at the game itself once. Try it.

This is SO much better that CSS.
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  1. :lol: This is so very old, but thanks for the memories. BTW, try googling XYZZY for a lot of text adventure goings on.

    (More codes)
    (XYZZY origin)
  2. Nice links, thanks VBDude. :P

    Minesweeper is one of the three games that will never suck, along with Shogo and Age of Empires II. Well, I guess that's just my opinion...
  3. Shogo, eh? If I'm not mistaken, that was almost the official 3D engine for DirectX 6! (Wikipedia failed me, but MobeyGames had some info in the trivia. And I found an interesting nostalgia trip in an old Tomb Raider website. Thank you Google!) Now, where am I going to get a copy?

    I have no trivia for AoEII (hey, Sandy Peterson was part of the Doom team...doh!), I'm just a huge fan.

    Boy, your just giving me all sorts of things to do. :wink:
  4. OMG AEOII is the best game ever I think!
    I got so freaking good at it, I used to be able to beat five computers on "hardest" setting. Then I started LANing it and was able to beat almost anyone I played, with one notable exception: my friend Caleb. He's invincible at that game.

    <end random, wandering story>

    It's too bad its not TCP supported now, or I'd challange you to a AOEII dual. AOEIII just doesn't cut it.

    Let us share stories around the AOE campfire, my friend.
  5. (If there aren't any grrl gamers around the campfire, then this will be pretty pathetic:)

    I would be pwnt, I'm afraid. I was good at the original (was it difficulty level 5?), but my brother and I (avid home LAN-ers at the time) only had one PC capable of running AoEII back in the day, so I played only single player. Sadly, it also lacked necessary RAM, and so, in the middle of the first campaign, maybe one or two maps from completion, I found myself measuring performance in SPF with no end of resources on either side and a terrible lack of military might on my side. I cried for a few days until I returned to the first for accepting consolation. I have not been back since, though I did install it months ago on my current rig (see sig) in hopeful anticipation that I would one day return to play "The best RTS ever!" (- PC Gamer)

    For me, just setting it in the Middle Ages makes it my all-time favorite. I almost can't be bothered to play anything more modern knowing I haven't dedicated enough attention to the Holy Grail of RTS. I've never touched AoM, though we do own it, and I couldn't stand the same-y feeling of the new-and-improved AoEIII. I do have Company of Heroes, but the seal has not yet been broken. And now it won't be until I've give this gem the loving care it deserves.

    I do feel a little better now. AoEII was worth the time to write this.
  6. OMG I just told Riser that I like his hair in the Hitler post, LOL.

    Yeah, I just got done with some AoEII today and I lost miserably. Sigh.

    <looks for grrls, finds several around campfire, and steals them all- leaving VBDude with a gay guys>

  7. :x... :evil: ... :(

    I thought we were friends. :wink:
  8. VBDude, you seem like you're really in every post here. Are ou going to become a forum fixture and an Other? You dirty bastard with your hubritic rise to forum fixtureness why cant i do that an just go somewhere here in this freakin forum its so lame in the other section though not sure i want to be there really wtf it doesn't matter.
  9. 8O Breathe for a minute and put down the booze. I'm not rising to forum fixtureness yet. I'm just everywhere you want to be. :wink:
  10. I'm not gay... unless you want me to be...
  11. I'm not gay either... even if you want me to be. Bring back the grrls!
  12. Quote:
    OMG I just told Riser that I like his hair in the Hitler post, LOL.


    Like OMG REALLY?! What did he say?!! Did he freak out! OMG I think he would freak out! HAH That is SOOO awesome!!! You are, like, so funny!

    *stops being a 13 year old girl now
  13. Maybe he really wants to be female?
  14. I don't know what shocks me more, the fact that "Bring back the grrls!" actually brought in a girl, or the fact that you read far enough to reply to celewign's random thread hop. Either way, you don't play AOE2 by any chance? :wink:
  15. :P I like to lurk.. and when I see stupid things, I keep reading... ;)

    and no I don't, played AOE for a little tiny bit, but it didn't keep my attention that long... :D
  16. That explains the Other to a tee (or any of my posts if you ask Cafuddled). :P

    Perhaps if Ensemble made AOE into a RTSTA (Real-Time Stupid Text Adventure)? :wink:

    Actually, that would probably describe a chat room pretty well. :?
  17. Or a forum. :wink:
  18. Oh please. You know very well a forum in turn-based.
  19. Not at Toms.
  20. Took you long enough.

    * Pawn takes queen *

    * Click *

    Your turn.
  21. <moves five armies into one of VBDudes territories>
    Your turn.
  22. "C5" "Hit!" <sinks another ship> Your turn.
  23. NOOO! That was my sub!

    <moves the Spy next to your general...>
  24. My turn? Okay...bam! King me!

    Your turn.
  25. HA! Your king just landed on Pacific Ave, which I own with one hotel. Pay up $600!
  26. I'll see your 600, and raise you 200. :| [/poker face]
  27. 21!
  28. Dinking age, eh?

  29. <takes one of your cards>
    Go fish!


    (21 is blackjack, but you knew that...)
  30. Beat me to Go Fish! I was looking forward to that one. :(

    X | X | _
    X | O | _
    _ | _ | O

    (Yes, I did. Stayed with the card theme, didn't I? Oh wait, you cheated. You're not supposed to win! 52 Pick-up for you. :P )
  31. X|X|-
    X|O| -
    O|- |O

    You win.
  32. This gets my vote for random thread of the month. Pente!
  33. Does a prize come with that? Life!

    You win.

    Hurray! :mrgreen::trophy: I'd like to thank my parents, my comp, my dog, Tom, and all the little people. You guys are the greatest.
  34. For you brother. You get one for Chess, Monopoly, Stratego, Tic Tac Toe, Go Fish, Poker, and one more to represent the games I don't remember and are to lazy to check out.
    :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:
  35. Woops, guess I forgot to thank you...unless you're one of the little people?

    See what happens when you play I Win? :P
  36. Well, I'm only 5'11". That's kind of little these days.
  37. Got 3" on me, but I have tall hair. :wink:
  38. What are you 12 or something? :P
  39. :( , I'm 25 but I come from a short family. Don't make fun of my dwarfism.
  40. *towers over the midget*
  41. ...*cums in pants*....
  42. Oh my god. Wingy... for fuhcks sake, grow up.

  43. * curls up in corner crying tiny tears * :cry:
  44. *feels so sympathetic to your wife*

    *invites her over for more than 2 seconds of pleasure*
  45. <vaguely interested in Cheez's odd sexual preferences>
  46. I'm just concerned and feeling sorry for the woman!

    (I also hear she's smokin hot, no harm in trying)
  47. Have you heard if she's short? :wink:
  48. I guess that stuff's normal in Canada... 8O :P
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