linux noob here

I've started playing around with Linux a little now, and am trying to see what apps I can use in it.

I've read a little on the Wine project, and have heard about Winex and CrossOver Office. Are Winex and CrossOver just non-open source versions of Wine? If so, which would you recommend for mainly just Photoshop, 3dstudio Max, and some occasional Morrowind?

Also, which audio player would you recommend for mp3s and cds?

Lastly, does anyone have a recommendation for CD Ripping/Burning software under Linux?

I may answer some of these questions myself when I get a chance to play around with it a little more tonight, but thanks in advance.

P.s. If it matters, I am currently using Knoppix v3.3 (non-hd), but am going to try out Mandrake and Slackware also.

p.p.s. Would you recommend Mandrake 10 'Community Edition' or the older 9.1?

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  1. winex is a proprietary version of wine with everything set up for certain games already. It costs money, but can be worth it.

    Instead of running those apps under wine, try out the GIMP (photoshop) and blender (3dsmax).

    For audio players, xmms is exactly like winamp and is what I use. mplayer is also good.

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  2. yes gimp 2.0 and Blender 2.32 (soon to be 2.33) are great items of software for linux.

    if you are an artist then check out my article with all the software and codecs a digital artist might need

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    the obvious ones i can add to the list which are for non artists are

    Open Office (office xp equivalent)
    Mozilla (web browser)
    XMMS for playing music (similar to Winamp (and runs their older skins))

    i don't use linux right now so i don't know any ripping and burning software sorry.

    i use all of the above software except xmms on windows XP. so when i do convert 100% to linux when i buy my new computer i will have no problems.


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  3. CD Ripping/Burning software... I quite like <A HREF="" target="_new">Grip</A> for ripping, but not sure about audio burning software, as I seem to only create data disks... but I've heard good things about <A HREF="" target="_new">K3B</A>.

    I'd recommend MDK 10 over MDK 9.1. Just try to keep it updated as the patches are released.

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  4. XMMS is good for audio.

    K3B can both rip and burn CD

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