GA-7VRXP problems. Need your help guys

Hi there. Yesterday I started assembling my new PC. The specs are:

Athlon 2100+
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP
Gainward Powerpack Ultra/750 XP
2x256Mb Corsair DDR333
Enermax 451 Power supply

and some more stuff. Most of it is top-of-the-line, except (maybe) the cooler, since I dunno much about cooling solutions. I went with a Smartcooler Silent FSM 1172H, which I suspect sucks. But since I had a lian-li case with all those fans...

Anyway, I have been having problems with the mobo. I have scanned these forums, and the mobo is Rev 2.0, so THAT is not the problem. I get lockups, crashes, sometimes even in POST. Changing the sysclock to 100MHZ seems to help, but in 133MHZ it simply craps out. Anyone else have this problem with rev2.0?

Also, since I can still return the mobo and trade for a new one, which one should I get? The choices are Asus, EPOX, or MSI. I would prefer the MSI, but Tom's review scared me a bit, with it's lack of performance. Do any of you know if this can be fixed somehow, or even if it is very noticeable?

Last question: short of a watercooler, which I am not experienced enough to risk for now, what is the BEST cooler/heatsink I could get for my athlon 2100+?

Thanks for helping out a newbie.

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  1. well, my thoughts (not an expert by anymeans)

    does it crash on post from a cold boot (ie off for a while) or does this only happen when you do a restart?

    did you use thermal paste? is the heatsink hot?

    things I would check

    Power supply is good brand but even the best have bad apples some times.. check your voltages in the bios use a known good PS

    try using only one of the memory sticks at a time, could have a bad one

    remove/disable all unnessary items ... extra HD's,cdrom,sound,network ext.

    maybe check your MB chipset

    and if you havent, try default settings in Bios

  2. ok seems like you are building machine almost similar to the one I set up a few days ago.
    Athlon 2100+
    Gigabyte GA-7VRXP
    MSI Geforce 4600
    Kingston 512MB DDR 2700
    Enermax 431 Power supply
    2x Wester Digital HD 80GB 8MB cache
    1x IBM Deskstar 60GB

    Cooler for cpu:
    I got Volcano 7+ it has really nice design, has switch for 3 settings and and keeps the temp of my cpu for medium fan speed (5500 rpm) around 44 C, if I bump it up to 6500 rmp it shows 36. I keep it on medium though (sometimes on low) due to lower noise

    Problems with mobo, I hear you... have the same problems with rev 2.0, also it crashes when I play 3d games, so I am RMAing it back and getting ABIT one... I would get ASUS, but it doesn't have as many features as ABIT and both of them are reliable... I don't believe TMG anymore, for once I got hardware after reading review and regret now...
  3. Cool, I'll see if I can get the Volcano.

    About trusting Tom's... I don't know. I am really happy with most of the advice I got here, I guess that I still trust them. I simply know to come by the community site and search for people with problems with the part I'm investigating... I mean, there *are* people running the mobo without problems, so Tom was just one of the lucky ones.

    Having said that, I would really like the site to issue "updates" to reviews based on issues found with the parts... I don't see how they can *still* recommend the GA-7VRXP as top-of-the-pack, given all it's instability problems..

    I am the PenguinKing, I can grep anything...
  4. Without speculationg too much, what happend when you load setup/failsafe defaults? What type of readings are you getting from the onboard power management?

    I would sent the board back asap. If you know its not a user error then dump the board while you still can. And if you want a good stable board, I've been upgrading pc's with the soyo dragon ultra platnum edition. Its a very stable board that has alot of O/C funtions.


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